HUMAN EFFLUENCE - Mass Engorgement
Released: October 17th, 2008 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 3/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Human Effluence

01. Intro
02. Cauterizing Mammilla
03. The Temple of Demise
04. Contorting Extipated Mass
05. A Shallow Grave
06. Smashed to Gore
07. Mutilated by the Diseased
08. Dispersement of Fluids
09. Postmortal Exudation
10. Digested by a Zombie
11. Torture, Rape, Dismember

Too many one-man bands tend to have badly programmed drums and a production that sounds as if it was recorded home in the living room and that is exactly how Human Effluence sounds. Almost everything on Mass Engorgement is a big blurry clutter of monotone computer drums and guttural growls. Another problem with the music is that the guitars tend to vanish among the drums and the vocals. That makes the music unbearable and an annoying puddle of noise.

It's clear that Chris Dearing has put much effort in trying to make the songs varied and brutal. It's a shame that it's all killed off by the boring drums and the thin and mucky sound. I'm sure if Chris had cut down on the terrible computer blastbeats and worked a little more on getting a fat and crisp production then Mass Engorgement would have turned out for the better. As it is now Mass Engorgement is an effort that will only be of interest to a handful of death metal fans.

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