1. Deconstruction
  2. The Wait
  3. A Heart
HUMAN SCULPTURE - Our World / Torn Down

GENRE: Death metal
COUNTRY: Finland
LABEL: Self financed
YEAR: 2011

RATING: 7/10
PROVIDED BY: Human Sculpture

Human Sculpture is a Finish five-piece. The music is death metal with a good amount of melody. The song-writing makes me think of My Passion // Your Pain era Callenish Circle and to some degree the Swedish band Arise.

It's obvious that the musicians in the band have a lot of routine. The music is well put together and common for the three songs is that there are lots of things going on. The pace isn't all that fast, but the band understands how to vary it and play fast or slow when needed. Some of the parts have a somewhat thrash metal type of ring to them. I like that the five Finns add a bit of melody as well, it makes it all flow a little better.

Although there's nothing atypical in the music, most of the riffs and parts are very good. I like that there's a good amount of catchiness in the three songs. The production is thick and juicy and that is what puts the icing on the cake. The three songs on Our World / Torn Down are all good. I think that promise well for what next to come.

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