1. Set the Fire
  2. Days of Terror
  3. Artillery Open Fire
  4. Counter Offensive
  5. Blind Bomb
  6. Nassau
  7. Preposition of Violence
  8. Fastkill
  9. Manifesto of Lie
  10. Struggle of Wills
  11. Bukit Kepong
HUMILIATION - From Strength to Strength

GENRE: Death metal
COUNTRY: Maylasia
LABEL: Ultra Hingax Production
YEAR: May, 2012

RATING: 7/10
PROVIDED BY: Humiliation

On its third CD Humiliation continues where the band left of on Seek to Survive. The music is very much inspired by Bolt Thrower. That of course doesn't exactly provide the music with much personality, but apparently the Malaysian five-piece doesn't care.

The band does also rely on other inspiration than just Bolt Thrower. It can be heard on "Blind Bomb", but overall the music has Bolt Thrower written all over it. However I don't think it's much of a problem as the song-writing overall good.

There are plenty of catchy riffs and parts to make it interesting. And that make you ignore the lack of own ideas. I think songs like "Counter Offensive", "Blind Bomb", "Nassau" and "Preposition of Violence" display that well.

On the whole the five-piece just gets better and better at what they do. The only thing I'd criticize a bit is the vocals. These do tend to be a little too monotone at times. A little more variation would be nice. Also I miss more solos as the band obviously are capable. They show that on "Nassau" and "Preposition of Violence", it does really add that extra something to the music.

The production is thick and meaty. It does profit the music and gives it additional bite. From Strenght to Strenght is another step up the ladder for the Malaysian five-piece. The band has also moved on to Deepsend Records so it will be interesting to see if that will push the band further.

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