HYMEN HOLOCAUST - Hymen Holocaust
Released: 2007 | Label: No Escape | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: No Escape

01. Creating a Rapist
02. Broken Beyond Repair
03. Fresh Victims
04. Lethal Scum Shots
05. Necro Cannibal
06. Shaven...Not Furred
07. Hymen Holocaust

It's sick, it's bizarre, it's Hymen Holocaust. Cliteater drummer Maurice return with his third effort from his solo-project Hymen Holocaust. As usual Maurice comes up with some absolutely sick goregrind with all that include from bizarre samples to disturbing gargling growls and slow and heavy pulsating grooves. There's really not anything different on Hymen Holocaust compared to the earlier works from this one-man hackmachine.

Maurice very much stick to the style laid down on past releases, but it does seem like the tempo has geared up a tad on Hymen Holocaust. Variation is not the central turning point here, but the music has enough diversity to stay interesting. The production is wonderful dirty and heavy without sounding too muddy. If you like the previous Hymen Holocaust releases then you'll almost certainly like Hymen Holocaust as well.

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