Dutch one-man goregrind band Hymen Holocaust just put out the debut Necromance through Australia's No Escape Records. The band was formed by Morris from Cliteater in 2005 and the music is a trip into the bizarre and grotesque. Not very long ago I asked Morris some questions about being a one-man band, the recording of Necromance and the possibility of playing live as well as other things.

Morris interviewed by PSL

What made you form Hymen Holocaust?
I am a goregrindahollic in the first place. I eat, sleep, drink, piss and shit goregrind! Even when I am in a deep sleep I dream of goregrind! So what do you do if you have some free time left... exactly... make fucking goregrind! With Hymen Holocaust it's just me who makes the riffs, makes the rhythms on the drums, make the lyrics etc. I don't have to make compromises with anyone and that's the main reason I started Hymen Holocaust. There was just a kind of music in my head which had to sound just the way Necromance sounds like.

What kind of bands has inspired you?
I listen a lot to bands like Mortician, Gut, Cock And Ball Torture, The Day Everything Became Nothing, Last Days Of Humanity and Haemorrhage.

Do you handle all the instruments yourself?
Hell yeah! When I have something in mind it has to be exactly that way! The only way to create something which is exactly what "I" want is to do everything yourself including the recordings and the mixing part. Necromance has become the album which was in my head for years!

I think you have made a fairly varied album. How long have you been working on the songs and are there any parameters that you aim for when writing?
I've been busy since 2005 with the lyrics. When I started playing guitars several years ago I made some riffs which I kept playing over and over again. These riffs altogether form the guitar parts on Necromance. In my mind I worked out the drum parts. The recordings didn't take too much time. I think two weekends, but the process started in 2005 when the lyrics got shaped! There weren't any parameters for me... just make the most possible helldozer downtuned moshgore there is. If you can call that a parameter than that is what I aimed for!

Isn't it a little difficult to write and rehearse as a one-man band?
Ehm... well a little bit! When I make some riffs on the guitar I have an idea for the drums at the same time. But when you record the stuff [drums] there is no guitar part that escorts me so drums have to be recorded with the guitar parts in mind. That's very difficult. When all drums have been recorded the easiest part starts. I never rehearse... just play some riffs, write them down... figure out how to drum and write that down too. Start recording both and after that bring along the lyrics and scream to hell and back!

You've recorded the whole thing by yourself. What were the reasons for doing so?
It's the same thing here again. I recorded stuff before in other studios and it's always the same story! A producer comes up with some ideas... play it like this... just try it... see... that's cool isn't it!? You say 'OK' too quickly. You get the CD after recording and within a few days you are not satisfied with the result. Same thing for the mixing part! When you do everything yourself you can't blame no one else but yourself if all turns out to be rubbish! Again, Necromance had to sound the way it does right now. Another reason for recording it myself is that I have the equipment and I can put as much time into the recording process as I want to!

Are you happy with the outcome?
Oh yeah. I am completely satisfied with the result! Hymen Holocaust is just for me! If all of you out there don't like the music I really don't give a damn. The only thing that counts is that I am happy with it. Fortunately I get a lot of great reactions and that makes the whole thing complete for me.

What inspires you lyrically?
Well that would be... asses, cunts, hymens, tits, blowjobs, eating clit and stuff like that! Just things all guys dream about during the day and don't tell me YOU DO NOT!

How did you hook up with No Escape?
When I recorded Necromance I sent some emails to different labels. I think 8 labels were interested in releasing after hearing some mp3's. No Escape was my favourite because of the fucking great releases they have. When this label seemed to be interested too the decision wasn't difficult anymore. Dave and Christoph are very cool guys who put a lot of time into their business and do a lot of promotion for the bands they have so the next album will be released by No Escape Records again!

How has the response to Necromance been so far?
Very great! The response is even better than expected. All reviews are very positive!

I read somewhere that you're already working on the follow-up. Could you say something about this?
Yes, I recorded 10 tracks for the follow-up which will get the title Blood Feast. This album will be a little faster than Necromance. Besides that Blood Feast will have another sound. The drums sound more "live" and the guitars remind me a little bit of the Roots album from Sepultura. At the moment I am busy doing the vocals. I am trying different pitch shifters but I don't know which one it will be in the end. I think I will record some songs with different harmonisers first and listen a dozen of times before I make a decision. Some titles for the album are: "Blood Feast", "Cold Ones Make Me Horny", "Castrate Rapists", "Pimp My Hymen", "My Load... Your Throat", "Anal Alin Abuse"! The other titles are still a secret [laughs]! Expect some bloody shit this time!

Do you intend to keep Hymen Holocaust strictly as a studio-project?
When I started the project that was the idea. After the good reactions I decided that it is not impossible that it will come to live gigs! Some of the guys from Cliteater are willing to help me out on that, but we haven't rehearsed yet.

What the current status on Cliteater?
Cliteater is very active! At the moment a lot of gigs are coming up. We will tour Canada and USA in May. Have a split CD coming up in April with our buddies of Suppository. That one will be released on No Escape as well. We wrote 6 new tracks for a split CD with The Day Everything Became Nothing. These tracks will be recorded somewhere in August I guess and late 2006 beginning 2007 we will record our 3rd full length album. So we aren't sitting on our lazy asses as you can see!

Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview?
Uhmm... just check out the website www.hymen-holocaust and buy Necromance! If you don't like it you get your money back! Thanks for doing this interview with me bro! Cheers to all of you motherfuckers out there! Stay true to the underground and keep supporting the gore!

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