In late 2007 Cliteater drummer Morris put out his most recent effort of depraved goregrind by his one-man project Hymen Holocaust, but Morris is a busy man so besides currently being topical with the third Cliteater full-length Scream Bloody Clit he already has plans for another Hymen Holocaust release. A little ago I got a chat with Morris about Hymen Holocaust, the music, playing live as well as briefly getting the news on Cliteater.

Morris interviewed by PSL

Since we last spoke back in 2006 you've put out Blood Feast, a couple of splits and now Hymen Holocaust. Are you a total workaholic?
Well, there are several people who asked me this question... maybe I am, but all is coming out of the love for this kind of music. It's not that I have to do this many albums for myself, but when a record is done I have new ideas again. I can't let those ideas wait another year. When ideas come up I want to record them before I forget things. What else is there to do with my free time? I got married and made a few kids so I need to escape from that life now and then [laughs]! To be honest, I really can eat, breed, drink and sleep this stuff. All my extra time I put into Hymen Holocaust. The biggest advantage is that I can do everything myself so when I feel like making new stuff I can start right away. When I think I am ready with a song I can record it in my own studio. It works great!

Have you approached things any differently on Hymen Holocaust than previously?
Nope, the only thing different on this mini-album is that I used a different bass amp. Further, Joost from Cliteater/Inhume did some additional vocals on "Necro Cannibal" to add a little more variety to the vocals. It came out really great, but it cost me a lot of money so on the next one I will do all the vocals myself again! The rest is the same as on other the albums. Same pitch shifter, same guitars and equipment.

Do you experiment with the sound when you record or have you by now found the right sound for the band?
The only thing I experimented with is the bass sound. I used to record the bass parts with the guitar POD from Line 6. I bought the bass POD a while ago and I used that for this record. I am not sure which one I will use for the next recordings. I think I found my sound, but I never get the same sound during recordings. It all depends on mike settings, set up and things like that. It's cool to have a little diversity each time, but you can still hear it is Hymen Holocaust.

I read somewhere that you had to postpone the release of Hymen Holocaust a bit. Why was that?
I used to record a full-length CD. I made a mistake during the recordings and heard that in the end of the drum recordings. There were two things to I could do: erase everything and record again or take the songs that were okay. I chose the second option and kept the seven tracks the recording machine. I wanted to do something with the movie "Der Todesking" and that movie is based on the seven days of the week. I had seven tracks... I think it had to be that way!

You've gone for a simpler artwork on Hymen Holocaust. Is there a particular idea behind this?
When Hymen Holocaust plays live shows we wear these skull-masks. "Der Todesking" is about death so I made a picture of my mask and photoshopped it a bit and the cover was done. The booklet is full of pictures of my mask. Every day of the week has a page with the lyrics of that particular day on it. Every page contains this mask, but shot from a different angle. A simple idea indeed, but it fits with the album and that's what is necessary.

You've used some samples from the movie "Der Todesking". What is the story behind this?
Well it's all about the seven days of the week. Each day someone commits suicide in the movie. Each day of the week has a song. I used a sample for each song that belongs to the same day of the week in the movie. Track one is "Monday", track two is "Tuesday" and so on. It makes a complete story using the samples before each track. Yeah, I really think before I act [laughs]!

How important do you think the use of samples is in order to set the mood of the music?
On each Hymen Holocaust album I used samples from a Jörg Buttgereit movie. I just fucking love his stuff. These movies are sick as fuck so when I combine the samples with the music it gives the whole thing a kind of creepy feeling. It suits the atmosphere of the songs.

I was browsing the lyrics and in particular "Creating a Rapist" appeared like it wasn't purely fictional. Have the lyrical approach changed a little since Necromance?
[Laughs]... all men and I am fucking sure, are perverts. You can't keep your eyes off of good looking women even if you have one...or more. It's the nature! So there's nothing fictional about that. The rest of the songs are "still" fictional tough. God knows what comes around!

You've played a few concerts with Hymen Holocaust as a band and not just a one-man project. Was it odd to play the songs live?
Yeah that was great. I mean creating all the music by myself is great, but playing live is even better. I can't do this on my own or I had to use a drum-machine, but I don't like that so the only thing I could do was to ask some guest musicians to do the live gigs. I never thought it would make people go nuts, but it did. Seeing people go out of their minds on my music makes me want to go on with this even more.

Could you see Hymen Holocaust transform into an actual band or do you prefer to let things be as they are?

I will always make the music on my own and that's the only way to keep Hymen Holocaust how it is and has to be. Songs would sound different if other people got involved in the writing process. I want to do all things by myself. This way Hymen Holocaust will always sound like Hymen Holocaust. Playing live show is another story. I would never play live as a single person. Real drums, real bass, real guitars and a nice and juicy pitch shifter that's what Hymen Holocaust is about.

Do you have any new Hymen Holocaust releases planned?
Yes! Can you imagine me sitting in my chair watching TV every night? I'll start recording somewhere in April/May. Some lyrics have been written and a few riffs are done as well. It's too early to tell something about a theme, but it will be sick and it will be a full-length album probably released by No Escape Records again.

Goregrind is not something you find in retail stores or most ordinary music shops unless it's something released via Relapse Records. Do you think it makes it even more interesting that you have to look really underground in order to find most music like this?
It belongs to this kind of style. It's not ordinary stuff so you can't buy it at an ordinary shop! This kind of music isn't made by people who want to make money out of it. It's all about pure dedication. An ordinary CD-store wants to make a profit so they only pick the stuff that sells the best and that certainly is not goregrind! Only the really dedicated lovers of this are willing to do their stinking best to get these albums. Because of these people I get more motivated to go further with this shit! Hail to all goregrinders!

What's the status on Cliteater?
Cliteater is more active than ever! We just recorded our next full-length album Scream Bloody Clit. The album should be out at the end of March so just a few weeks to go now! We've done a lot of shows lately. At the moment we are working on new songs again which will be used for a split CD with The Day Everything Became Nothing! That's a motherfucking dream come true for us so we are eager to do this! The split should be out at the end of this year so Cliteater is riding on a rollercoaster. I hope it never stops!

Anything you'd like to add to conclude this interview?
Thanks again for the interview. Check out and for more news about Hymen Holocaust. I hope to see you dicks and cunts somewhere on a festival later this year! Keep on gagging.

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