One of Denmark's longest running death metal bands Illdisposed just signed a deal with major label Roadrunner Records and are about to enter the studio to record the follow-up to 2001's Kokaiinum. Illdisposed have always been one of my favourite death metal bands and they were actually also the very first death metal band I saw live. I think it was as far back as 1993. So I was naturally curious to know a little more about how things are going in the Illdisposed camp. Vocalist Bo Summer agreed on answering a few questions and below you can read what came out of the conversation.

Bo Summer interviewed by PSL

How are things hanging in the Illdisposed camp at the moment?
We're all set to enter the Feedback Studio Viby/Aarhus on the 20th of April; some of us are also hung up with arranging the Fee Metal Festival 2004 in Aarhus.

You just signed with Roadrunner! That's a huge step in the direction of getting the recognition that you rightfully deserve! You were in negotiations with some different labels including Metal Blade. How come you ended you on Roadrunner?
We had nine offers from different labels hosted in the US, Germany, France, Italy and Canada. And yes we talked a lot with Metal Blade USA, but it all ended up in nothing…

How did you get in contact with Roadrunner?
A German scout spotted us years ago, and since we're popular in Germany we signed with them, as they are the local company for us in Scandinavia, I think all contracts for the label are handled in Holland.

You were not afraid of signing with Roadrunner? They have taken a lot of bashing from bands like Deicide, Suffocation and Immolation.
Matters like these don't interest us, we've heard a lot of badmouthing about Nuclear Blast as well, but they never gave us any problems when they licensed and re-released our two first albums in the mid 90ties.

Roadrunner has often been accused of being a trend-riding label who's only thinking in quick money but it seems like they are actually dealing with real metal again, now with the signing of you and Obituary. You're not afraid of being a down priority?
We're not going to be a top act, but from what we've heard things will be a way, way improvement from what we and any other bands from this country have tried before.

You're about to enter the studio, when can we expect to hear some new stuff from Illdisposed?
The release for the new album is August/September.

Your style seems to have changed a bit, judging from the samples I've heard. How would you say the new material compares to your previous album Kokaiinum?
Kokaiinum was old when we made it, the new stuff is rather different from what we've made before, we're using lots of techno influences.

Can you reveal any details about the upcoming album? Album title, song-titles etc.
The working title is 1-800 Vindication.

Kokaiinum was released back in 2001. How come it has taken so long to get around to doing another Illdisposed record?
We've just been used to work very slowly, but that'll change as well.

You were accused of not taking things serious on Kokaiinum how do you feel about accusations like that?
The accusations were right, we didn't wanna do the album as we had the Feedback Studio lined up, but had to do it in Borsing Recording, that led to the end with label and former manager Jan Borsing.

You were forced to make a few changes in the line-up after the release of Kokaiinum. What happened and could you tell a little about the new members?
Basically our drummer and lead-guitarist got tired, so we replaced them with two friends.

You're scheduled to play on the first annual Fee Metal Festival in Aarhus. It must be pretty cool, that a thing like this is finally happening in Aarhus!
Yeah we're happy to be able do something for our hometown, the town has a big potential to become the leading city when it comes to metal.

How do you see the Danish metal scene in general? It seems to be stronger than it's been in a long time!
For us it has never been bad, so I can't really say what it's been like for others than ourselves.

Aarhus and surroundings seem to be the happening place when it comes metal in Denmark. Any thoughts on why?
It's the second biggest town and is placed in the heart of the country, people will have to travel only max 100 kilometres to see a show here.

Do you feel you have the same drive and energy as back in the early days?

We've never had a better line up than the one we have now, so we're very positive about our future.

Are you still satisfied with your earlier material or are there certain things you would like to have gone back and changed?
We regret none of our albums, some of them has had very low budgets, so we've come a long way.

You're among the bands that are in run up for contributing to the upcoming Pusher II movie. Have you made the final cut or hasn't it been decided yet who will be on the soundtrack?
I actually don't know or care…

Unfortunately There's Something Rotten…In the State of Denmark seems to have been unavailable in a few years now. Do you have any idea if it gonna be re-released at some point?
It may be re-released at some point; we own all rights for the album.

Anything you'd like to add to conclude the interview?
Fee metal.

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