Illdisposed will release their new album Burn Me Wicked later this year. The upcoming effort has been recorded by Ziggy who also was responsible for the predecessor 1-800 Vindication. It's the first Illdisposed album to not feature original guitarist Lasse Bak who was fired last year and replaced by Exmortem-guitarist Martin Thim. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to ask Batten about the new album, the addition of guitarist Martin Thim as well as many other things.

Jakob Batten interviewed by PSL

What can people expect from Burn Me Wicked compared to 1-800 Vindication?
We have turned up the tempo a little and tuned down a half a tone to try something new. The some more different from each other, and the common theme is the cold and sad side of love. You could say that Burn Me Wicked continue where 1-800 Vindication left off, without in anyway being 1-800 Vindication Part II. We don't what to make the same record twice in a row which is the case with many of the bands today who release an album each year.

Lasse Bak was fired and Martin Thim from Exmortem was hired. What lies behind this move?
It's no secret that we like drink beer when we play. We mostly manage to play a good show and be drunk, but for some unknown reason Lasse lost the ability to play when drunk. He ruined the concerts one time after the other, and it became more and more embarrassing. So we had the choice between firing Lasse or ask him not to drink. We chose the first option, since the second one isn't even close to our 'ideology'. We chose Martin because he's always been a good friend of the band. We don't want some skilled guitarist who's an idiot and have an opinion about everything. Then we'd rather go as a quartet which we did for about a half year anyway.

Has it changed anything style wise and internally in the band that Martin has joined?
At this point nothing. We have taught him the old songs and played some concerts while I finished writing the new record at home. So he didn't get the chance to contribute with anything this time. Internally it hasn't changed anything since he was already a good friend of the band and often tagged along when we played concerts. It's more Lasse's departure that has done anything internally. Suddenly we got something constructive done again because Lasse didn't constantly interrupt talking about himself being Denmark's ultimate rhythm-guitarist while he was playing one mistake after the other and blaming others for this.

How come you have chosen the same producer to record this time?
First off because it worked really well last time. We're very different than other bands. A lot of people think we're idiots, and they may be right to a certain degree. Ziggy knows us, and he knows to pretend like nothing happens when we freak out get into a fight internally, or when we blame him because we play like shit.

The Danish metal boom is mostly centred on the newer bands, while the older once haven't had as much success keeping up with the sudden interest. Illdisposed on the other hand is very much up front. Why do you think that is?
I think people like that we're a bit different and don't take everything very seriously. If you look at 90% of all the bands they are impossible to tell apart. They look alike with their long hair and beard, their music sounds the same and their lyrics are all about Satan, death and hell. That doesn't stay fun after 20 years.

Illdisposed is signed to Roadrunner, one of the largest underground labels, this by itself is a big clap on the shoulder, isn't it?
It definitely feels right, and it does open up a lot of doors which used to be closed. And when you have seen how many demos they receive each day it feels nice that you made it through the eye of a needle.

You're known to be quite some party freaks, also when you play live. Have you calmed down in the later years now that you're grown ups and expected to be sensible?

Absolutely not, we give it as much throttle as we used to. When we play a weekend, we almost don't sleep. On our last European tour Summer had to go to the hospital because of heavy drinking.

There was some talk about Diehard Music re-issuing your older records, some of them pretty hard to obtain. What new is there about this?
It's quite a long time since we signed that contract and spend the money, so the rest is up to Diehard. But they are probably busy with 'all the cool albums' they release [!]…

Former Illdisposed members Morten Gilsted, Rolf Hansen as well as Lasse and Ronnie Bak join up for a one-off tribute concert as Old-disposed in connection with the 10-year anniversary for the release of Submit. What's you option about this concert?
It's just Lasse who needs the attention he doesn't get anymore after he was fired. I wouldn't be surprised if he does something similar with There's Something Rotten… next year. We all know that he'll be on stage at Musik Caféen waving to the audience with the two hands that should be on the guitar instead. A thing I don't quite get is why he holds a 10-year anniversary on 11th year. On my copy of Submit it says 1995!

I guess you won't be able to stay away from this concert?
I doubt anyone of us will show. We have all seen Lasse so drunk that he peed in his pants at Musik Caféen before. We have more important stuff to do, like for instance watch television.

What does the future have in store for Illdisposed on good and bad?
We take it as it comes. Honestly there's really nothing that we wish to try that we haven't already tried. The thing with long tours in the US is not something that we want to do. So for now we just release the new album and take on a European tour. After that anything can happen.

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