IMPARAGE - Depraved Disposition
Released: March 4th, 2008 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 4/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Imparage

01. Impelled to Rancor
02. Deliver Me From Shadows
03. Rearrange My Grace
04. Infernal Eruption
05. Let Me Suffer
06. Deviation
07. Nameless Dread
08. Caress
09. Skinned and Ruptured
10. Purpose Regained

The German four-piece Imparage came together in 2001 with the intention of creating "groove and technical death metal". The groove aspect is apparent, but it's a little more difficult to spot the technical facets in the music. The Germans don't pull out any surprises at all on Depraved Disposition, but it's also uncommon that a band get everything right on their debut. The music is fairly varied, but not in a very captivating way.

There are three blatant explanations why that is - the first and most noticeable is the lack of momentum making Depraved Disposition a snooze fest at times. The second is that the vocals have a tendency to become rather same-sounding after a while and the third cause is the thin guitar sound. It differently doesn't provide the music with a very compact and meaty expression. The band recorded, engineered and produced everything themselves and it can be discussed whether that was a smart move? No doubt that Imparage have some alright ideas, but they sure need to work more on the element of surprise as it is nonexistent today.

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