1. The Severed Inception
  2. Dreamsight Synopsis
  3. Embracing the Origin
  4. Persevering Incitement
  5. Collapse in Reverse
  6. Distorted
  7. Firstborn of all Dead
  8. Apprentice Luminous Acquaintance
  9. The Art of Corruption
INEVITABLE END - The Severed Inception

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Relapse Records
YEAR: March 23rd, 2009

RATING: 7/10
PROVIDED BY: Relapse Records

Inevitable End is a Swedish four-piece. The band plays a blend of Swedish death metal and brutal US death metal mixed with bits and piece of modern deathcore.

To begin with I didn't like the music much. The four-piece don't try to reinvent death metal all over, but the band does make music that isn't too typical for the genre. What made me dislike the music at first was that it felt like there was little or no diversity in the songs, but "The Severed Inception", "Persevering Incitement" and "Collapse in Reverse" made me realize that there was in fact a lot going on.

The songs are very fast, but with many abnormal changes, as well as some groove here and there. A lot of the riffs aren't too typical. There are many irregular and dissonant parts in the songs. Something common on many grindcore or death metal CD's is that the bass is easy to hear. It's no different on The Severed Inception. I like that as it gives the music a chunky feel.

The production has just the right volume. It's fat and crunchy, but not so anything vanishes. It's easy to hear what is going on. As I wrote I didn't like The Severed Inception much at first, but it's an effort that grows and I've come to like it more and more.

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