INFECTED BRAIN - Infected Brain
Released: 2006 | Label: Noisi Production | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Noisi Production

01. Dream Master
02. I Will Kill You
03. Claustrophobia
04. Napalm Death
05. Untergang
06. Power
07. Crash
08. Frozen Stiff
09. Infected Brain
10. What I Am
11. Cancer
12. Gesichter

I can't really tell whether this CD is self financed or put out by Noisi Production. Anyway that is not that important what counts is the music. The music is death metal with a bit of groove in the vein of Dying Fetus, but the band rely more on the brutal and heavier aspects of the music. Infected Brain also draw on influences from bands like Suffocation, Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse.

Particularly the parallels with Cannibal Corpse are noticeable, especially in the drumming. But the band doesn't sound like a rip-off; they are much more varied than the Americans. Moreover they are also able to give their music identity by adding a few different things here and there like for instance a bit of acoustic guitar in "Power" and so on. Torsten Schmidt's deep guttural growls remind to a degree of the disbanded Danish deathers Iniquity on their Serenadium album. It's obvious from the start that these German deathers know what they are doing. Nothing seem left to the circumstances here.

The CD was recorded in the bands rehearsal room and people then probably think that the production is muddy and poor, but this is definitely not correct. The sound is thick and powerful, but also rather clean so it's possible to spot the little nuances that take place. Infected Brain is a powerful effort that ought to satisfy the demanding death metal fan. The band is said to already have their next CD written and it's promised to be more extreme.

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