Japanese death metal is not something I get to hear everyday, so when I found the debut The Malignity Born From Despair from the brutal death metallers Infected Malignity in my letterbox I quickly decided to send guitarist Takuma Sugano some questions in order to learn more about this brutal trio.

Takuma Sugano interviewed by PSL

Your debut The Malignity Born From Despair is out on Unmatched Brutality and has been for a little while. How has the response been so far?
I've seen some shitty review, but responses have mostly been positive so far so I am really happy.

Musically it sounds like you're heavily influenced by Suffocation and US death metal in general! Besides Suffocation which bands have had a major impact on your music?
There's a ton of other bands, but mainly Dying Fetus, the American Disgorge, Cannibal Corpse, Slayer and the list goes on.

Did you achieve what you were aiming for with your debut or are there things you would have done differently if you were to record it today?
We did definitely not achieve what we wanted. It would have been different if we were to record it today. Our next record is going to be different than our debut.

The drums seem way upfront in the soundscape. Is there a particular idea behind this or is it just the way it turned out?
Yes. We wanted the drum-sound to be loud, but I think it eventually became too loud. It's a little mistake about the record.

A thing I noticed is that there are really no solos on the album. Please elaborate on why that is!
It's pretty simple. I thought there was no need for solos in our music, but we may play a few solos on our next album. I am still considering if I'll try it!

What's the story about the hidden track? It sounds different from the other eight songs!
Yes. You're right. That song was written by our former band. That band was called Defiant Manner. The band had already broken up before we formed Infected Malignity, but we liked that song a lot so we decided to record it and use it as a hidden track.

You're currently a trio. Are you thinking on expanding the line-up or does things work smoothly as they are?
I wanted to expand the line-up before, but I don't think so now because I've noticed that we can play as a trio well enough. Plus if we expand the line-up right now, we have to stop playing shows and tour for a while!

You were recently featured on a four way split alongside Unmerciful, Worms Inside and Corphagy on Lacerated Enemy Records. These tracks on the split are they from your demo?
Yes. This split CD is like a collection of demo/promo stuff from each band. All bands featured on this CD are fucking awesome so I am very proud to be a part of this split CD.

I understand that you have only recorded one demo prior to signing with Unmatched Brutality. How did you end teaming up with that label?

I sent the demo to Unmatched Brutality and I got an email from them about the deal. We decided to sign with them shortly after because they are one of most my personal favourite labels.

Are any of you played in other bands besides Infected Malignity?
No. So far I only play in Infected Malignity and the same goes for the other two.

How's the Japanese death metal scene? I'm familiar with Defiled, Zombie Ritual and Vomit Remnants as well as a few more, but that's pretty much it. Are there any particular bands to look out for?
The scene is not bad. Defiled and Vomit Remnants are still strong and they are tow of my favourites. You should check out Disconformity from Tokyo and Infernal Revulsion from Osaka. They are both really fucking brutal!

You recently completed a string of European shows together with Godless Truth and Insidious Decrepancy! How did that go?
The tour was awesome! The reactions from the audience were unbelievable and amazing. We sold all the merchandise we had brought so we're happy! There were some trouble, but all in all we had fun!

How does the remainder of the year look for Infected Malignity?
We are planning to write new songs for the next release. Moreover we want to play as many shows as possible. I hope we will be playing shows overseas again later this year.

Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview?
Thanks for the interview I appreciate it. Don't forget to check out our site often!

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