INFECTED MALIGNITY - The Malignity Born From Despair
Released: 2006 | Label: Unmatched Brutality | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Unmatched Brutality

01. Anestheized Vision
02. Revival
03. Cruel Recollection
04. Desperate Death
05. Frightened at the Crime
06. Revenge to Capitalism
07. Retaliate Against the Pain
08. Reflected Loss

Brutal Japanese death metal is not something I get to hear often, but somehow The Malignity Born from Despair found its way to my mailbox. Infected Malignity have made quite a name for themselves in the underground and I now understand why.

There's nothing unheard found here as the music is US styled brutal death metal a la Suffocation with all that includes from deep guttural growls, slow and groovy parts to hyperblast drumming. The band does add a touch of their own to the songs and hereby provide the music with a bit of identity so it doesn't appear as just another Suffocation rip off. A thing that I find to be a shame is that the drums seem to have been place a little too much upfront in the soundscape. It's nothing that spoil The Malignity Born from Despair, but it often tends to drown the guitars to a degree. If the drums were placed a bit lower in the mix I'm sure the album would have been even better.

Most of the songs are pretty good, but I found "Cruel Recollection", "Frightened at the Crime" and the hidden untitled track to be the most valuable. If you crave for some brutal music then The Malignity Born from Despair may be worth a closer look. It surprised me in a most positive way.

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