INGURGITATING OBLIVION - Voyage Towards Abhorrence
Released: 2005 | Label: Unmatched Brutality | Rating: 3/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Unmatched Brutality

01. Unfolding
02. Spiralling Out of the World
03. Veil of Perception
04. Nothingness
05. Poetry of the Flesh
06. Towards the Flickering Light
07. Waters of Rebirth
08. Imprecations

I've never heard of German death metallers Ingurgitating Oblivion before, but apparently the band have been around for a while and released several demos. The music is heavily inspired by the likes of Immolation, Incantation, Gorguts, Morbid Angel as well as others. It's definitely not the worst bands to be influenced by, but unfortunately Ingurgitating Oblivion never get as interesting as any of the before mentioned. The songs are fairly varied with lots of switches in tempo and so on, but somehow the songs still occur to be anonymous and sterile. Despite of several listens I still fail to proper recognize any of the songs.

But what mainly ruin Voyage Towards Abhorrence for my concern is the production. It occasionally appears to be noisy, but mostly somewhat thin and clinical. It does affect the music in a major way. I'm not sure whether a better production or not would have made Voyage Towards Abhorrence a better and more interesting effort as the songs themselves doesn't seem that imaginative either.

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