INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY - Decadent Orgy of Atrocious Suffering
Released: 2005 | Label: Unmatched Brutality | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Unmatched Brutality

01. Maniacal Contempt Spawned from Agonizing Depravity
02. Enraptured by Sickening Visons of Perverse Debauchery
03. Rancid Cesspool of Unimaginable Splendor by Ritualistic Butchery
04. Decadent Orgy of Atrocious Suffering
05. Dawn of Possession
06. Herrendous Lust for Psychopathic Purity Through Self Immolation
07. Forsaken Defamation and Irreverence
08. Insatiably Craving Abhorrent Denouncement from the Confines of Flesh
09. Deplorable Stench Reeking of Treacherous Deceit

Decadent Orgy of Atrocious Suffering was originally put out by the now defunct label TXDM Underground a few years ago, but has now been re-released by Unmatched Brutality. I would never have guessed that Insidious Decrepancy is a one-man band and then again what gives it away is the programmed drums. It's not so much the programming, but more the sterile and quite thin sound that the drums have. It gets a little strenuous listening to for longer periods. The music is brutal death metal heavily influenced by the likes of Suffocation and Immolation. That of course leaves nothing to the imagination, but as I've written numerous times before elsewhere it doesn't matter as long as the music is good and Decadent Orgy of Atrocious Suffering definitely belong in that end, despite of the computer drums.

The songs are fairly varied, but lacks a bit here and there, particularly with regards to leads. The vocals are of course deep and guttural as they are supposed to be and they fit the music perfectly. With each new listen the programmed drums become more and more evident and it does pull down a bit in the grading, but nevertheless Shawn Whitaker have made a good album so if you don't mind computer drums then Decadent Orgy of Atrocious Suffering is safe purchase. Insidious Decrepancy supposedly will release a new album through Unmatched Brutality later this year so it will be interesting to hear if the band have evolved and improved.

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