INSISION - Revealed and Worshipped
Released: July 19th, 2004 | Label: Earache | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Target

01. No Belief
02. Imminent Vision
03. We Did Not Come to Heal
04. Revealed and Worshipped
05. The Unrest
06. Grotesque Plague Mass
07. The Foul Smell of Humans
08. In the Gallows
09. The Cleansing
10. Havoc
11. Ideas of Revolution

Insision does not sound like the average Swedish death metal band. You'll not find any watered down melodic harmonies here. Unlike so many of their fellow countrymen Insision haven't surrendered to the melodic pestilence that have polluted the scene in recent years. Instead the band have gone in the opposite direction by playing death metal with a slightly chaotic and unpredictable approach. The music is varied and the band really does a lot to keep the music interesting by varying the pace a lot. But also having plenty of breaks and other small details really adds to the diversity of Revealed and Worshipped.

But unfortunately the music tends to somewhat lack of really catchy details which after multiply rotations does become a little too apparent. However Insision does to certain extend make up for this by doing what I described above but still it does shine through. Revealed and Worshipped was produced by Nasum guitarist/vocalist Mieszko Talarczyk so naturally the music sound wise bear some resemblances with Nasum but this doesn't deprive Insision of anything.

Revealed and Worshipped may very well not contribute with anything new and untried but that certainly doesn't mean that the album is a predictable or for that matter a boring effort. To people that are sick and tired of sugary melodic death metal Revealed and Worshipped may very well just be the cure.

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