CORPUS MORTALE [DK] with Martin Rosendahl - December

INCANTATION [US] with Alex Bouks - December

INIQUITY [DK] with Martin Rosendahl and Jesper Frost - October

BRUTALITY [US] with Don Gates - August

SICK FEST organizer and booker Jeanne Lyche [DK] - April

FALLUJAH [US] with Alex Hofmann - February

DAWN OF DEMISE [DK] with Bjrn Jensen - January

THE CLEANSING [DK] with Toke Eld - October

UNDERGANG [DK] with David - August

ULCERATE [NZ] with Jamie Saint Merat - July

BLOOD MORTIZED [SE] with Anders Biazzi - May

DIE [DK] with Rasmus Henriksen - November

PEDESTRIAN-13 [CA] with Edin Ibric - September

FLESH CONSUMED [US] with Corey Athos - July

BY THE PATIENT [DK] with Tan Mhl-Hansen - May

ORDER OF ENNEAD [US] with Kevin Quirion - May

SYN:DROM [SE] with Daniel Mikaelsson and Jonny Pettersson - April

NESSERIA [FR] with Julien - March

PUTREFY [IE] with Connor Brown - January

DYING FETUS [US] with Sean Beasley - December

ENEMY SOIL [US] with Richard Johnson - November

MAN MUST DIE [UK] with Alan McFarland - November

MUMAKIL [CH] with Seb - April

AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED [US] - with Jay Randall - March

MACHETAZO [ES] with Jose "Dopi" Dopico - March

CATTLE DECAPITATION [US] with Travis Ryan - March

DAWN OF DEMISE [DK] with Bjrn Jensen - February

THE ARSON PROJECT [SE] with Niklas Larson - February
GRUESOME STUFF RELISH [ES] with Pablo Deodato - December

CRUCIFIX [DK] with Rune Gnagelhof - November

COPREMESIS [US] with Paulo Paguntalan - October

EXMORTEM [DK] with Martin Thim - October

CYAEGHA [US] with Daniel Cooley - October

CANNIBAL CORPSE [US] with Alex Webster - August


EXULCERATE [US] with Dave Gonzalez - July

INVERACITY [GR] with Vagelis Voyiantzis - July

ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY [US] with Brent Williams - July

PATHOLOGY [US] with Tim Tiszczenko - June

HYMEN HOLOCAUST [NL] with Morris - April

THORIUM [DK] with Michael Andersen - February

PURULENT INFECTION [US] with Kyle Christman - January

HAIL OF BULLETS [NL] with Stephan Gebdi and Theo Van Eekelen - December

EXMORTEM [DK] with Martin Thim - December

DEFEATED SANITY [DE] with Lille Gruber - August

DISAVOWED [NL] with Robbe K - August

DAWN OF DEMISE [DK] with Bjrn Jensen - July

KATALEPSY [RU] with Ruslan Iskandaroff and Anatoly - July

MORTALIZED [RU] with Vitaliy Baharev - June

ORIGIN [US] with Paul Ryan - May

GUTTURAL SECRETE [US] with Blue Jensen - May

INHERIT DISEASE [US] with Josh Welling - May

SUFFOCATION [US] with Frank Mullen - April

DYING FETUS [US] with Mike Kimball - April

LENG TCH'E [BE] with Nicolas - April

SARPANITUM [UK] with Andy Techakosit - March

UNMERCIFUL [US] with Tony Reust - March

FUCK...I'M DEAD [AU] with Dave Hill - March

MACHETAZO [ES] with Jose "Dopi" Dopico - January

INCANTATION [US] with John McEntee - January

REGURGITATE [SE] with Rikard Jansson - December

JUNGLE ROT [US] with Dave Matrise - December

BIRDFLESH [SE] with Smattro Ansjovis - November

DIE [DK] with Bent Bisballe Nyeng - November

XXX MANIAK [US] with Michael Yale - October

UNREAL OVERFLOWS [ES] with Pedro Cochn - October

CYNIC [US] with Paul Masvidal - September

DEATHBOUND [SF] with Kai Jaakkola - September

SPAWN OF POSSESSION [SE] with Dennis Rndum - September

DRUGS OF FAITH [US] with Taryn and Richard - September

EMETH [BE] with Tom Kimps - August

LECHEROUS NOCTURNE [US] with Kreishloff - August

DEICIDE [US] with Steve Asheim - July

GENERAL SURGERY [SE] with Joacim Carlsson - July

CATTLE DECAPITATION [US] with Travis Ryan - July

EMBALMING THEATRE [CH] with Steve and Dave - July

INFECTED MALIGNITY [JP] with Takuma Sugano - June

DEVIANT [SE] with Johan - June

DISMEMBER [SE] with Fred Estby - May

DAWN OF AZAZEL [NZ] with Rigel Walshe - May

SPECTRAL MORTUARY [DK] with Kristoffer Rigbolt - April

HYMEN HOLOCAUST [NL] with Morris - March

PSYCROPTIC [AU] with Dave Haley - March

ILLDISPOSED [DK] with Jakob Batten - March

DAWN OF DEMISE [DK] with Bjrn Jensen - February

MORTAL DECAY [US] with Joe Gordon - February

ARSEBREED [NL] with Joel - February

DROWNING [FR] with Gael Barthelemy - December

ODIOUS MORTEM [US] with David Siskin - December

BOLT THROWER [UK] with Gavin Ward - December

VRYKOLAKAS [SG] with Andy - November

DEEDS OF FLESH [US] with Erik Lindmark - November

VILE [US] with Colin Davis - October

FETOCIDE [DE] with Ingo Neugebauer - October

THIRD DEGREE [PL] with Fazi - October

INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY [US] with Shawn Whitaker - October

CRUCIFIX [DK] with Lars Groth, Jens Killhailer and Morten Flindt - September

USIPIAN [DK] with Nis Larsen - August

ATHEIST [US] with Kelly Shaefer - August

MASTER [US] with Paul Speckmann - July


GOREROTTED [UK] with Wilson - June

NILE [US] with Karl Sanders - June

ABORTED [BE] with Sven De Caluw - May

EMBALMING THEATRE [CH] with Steve and Dave - May

NAPALM DEATH [UK] with Mark Greenway - May

ETERNAL [FR] with Vince - May

PESSIMIST [US] with Kelly McLauchlin - March

LORD GORE [US] with Gurge - March

PIG DESTROYER [US] with J.R. Hayes - February

IMMOLATION [US] with Robert Vigna - February

MORGOTH [DE] with Sebastian Swart - January

GOD AMONG INSECTS [SE] with Lord K. Philipson - January

EXMORTEM [DK] with Martin Thim - January

ABORTED [BE] with Sven and Thijs - December

ACHERON [US] Vincent Crowley - December

BENEDICTION [UK] with Dave Hunt - December

GORGASM [US] with Paul Garcia - December

DEICIDE [US] with Glen Benton - November

JIGSORE TERROR [SE] with Adde Mitroulis - November

SKINLESS [US] with Noah Carpenter - November

STRANGULATION [SE] with Juha Helttunen - September

BLOODBATH [SE] with Jonas Renske - September

CATTLE DECAPITATION [US] with Travis Ryan - September

NAPALM DEATH [UK] with Mark Greenway - September

GRAVE [SE] with Ola Lindgren - September

DAWN OF AZAZEL [NZ] with Rigel Walshe - August

OBITUARY [US] with John Tardy - August

ABYSMAL TORMENT [MT] with Gordon Formosa - July

VISCERAL BLEEDING [SE] with Tobias Persson - June

VOMITORY [SE] with Erik Rundqvist - May

GOREROTTED [UK] with Mr. Goreskin - April

MALEVOLENT CREATION [US] with Phil Fasciana - April

BEHEADED [MT] with Omar Grech - April

BLOD DSTER [AU] with Jason P.C. - April

FLESHCRAWL [DE] with Bastian Herzog - March

ILLDISPOSED [DK] with Bo Summer - March

DISMEMBER [SE] with Matti Krki - March

IMPALED [US] with Ross Sewage - March

FUNERUS [US] with Jill McEntee - February

UNHOLY GHOST [US] with Kelly McLauchlin - January

SPAWN OF POSSESSION [SE] with Dennis Rndum - January

SUFFOCATION [US] with Mike Smith - January

CANNIBAL CORPSE [US] with Alex Webster - January

CORPUS MORTALE [DK] with Martin Rosendahl - December

EXMORTEM [DK] with Martin Thim - December

DECREPIT BIRTH [US] with Matt Sotelo - December

PSYCHOTOGEN [US] with Jeremy Grande - December

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