Spanish brutal and technical death metallers Imbrue released their debut full-length Cado Datur Verbs through Tenerife based label Necromance Records in late 2004. I recently mailed some questions about the past, present and future to founding member and bassist Oscar Mendozar and his words is as followers.

When was Imbrue formed and have you played in any other bands prior to founding Imbrue?
Imbrue was formed in 1999 and the line-up in the beginning was Jovi on lead guitar and vocals, Reolid on drums and Oscar on bass and backing vocals. Later, we found Rodri as the second guitar and with this line-up we recorded the MCD Hybris in May 2001. In December 2001 Candi joined the band as the main singer, so Jovi left the vocal work to concentrate fully on the guitars. In November 2002 we signed with Necromance Records for a full-length album, and it has been released a few months ago. It's called, as you know Cado Datur Verbs. All the members of Imbrue have played in other bands before forming Imbrue. Jovi, Reolid and Oscar played in Ephel Duath [black metal band], Oscar and Rodri played in the beginning in Bimorphia [doom-death band], Reolid has played in Kruzial and Irredemption, Jovi has also played in an orchestra and Candi was singing a few months in Irredemption.

How would you in your own words describe your music?
Our music is mainly brutal death with some touches from other styles of music as well. We have some twisted riffs with unexpected rhythms and some elements from grind. The blastbeats, as you can hear on Cado Datur Verbs are a very important part in our compositions, as is the mix between "melodic" and slamming parts...

Your new album Cado Datur Verbs is a pretty brutal effort that leaves little to the imagination and yet it does manage to surprise here and there. Do you use a lot of time on trying to vary the music or is it something that just comes naturally?
Of course, the way which our compositions are created is totally intended. We try to compose songs from a very personal vision, because we don't want to sound similar to the 1000's of bands who practise the typical slam-groove style, so it takes much effort to create our structures because until all the members of the band are satisfied, we don't think that the song is finished.

Have you recorded anything besides Cado Datur Verbs?
Yeah, we recorded the MCD Hybris in May 2001, and this release gave us the chance to sign with Necromance Records, whose manager is David Deniz, a well-known guy in the scene of extreme metal in Spain, because of his fanzine Necromance, one of the first zines dedicated exclusively to the death, blacků stuff in this country.

What does the title Cado Datur Verbs exactly mean?
Cado Datur Verbs means in Latin "flesh given to the worms" and the word we use nowadays "cadaver" comes from this Latin expression. We like this meaning very much because it fits perfectly with our lyrics.

You're style is very chaotic and technical. Which bands have had a huge impact on your music?
As you can hear on our CD, the main influences come from bands like Cryptopsy, Cephalic Carnage, Dying Fetus, Gorgasm, Devourment, and some other different styles like for instance progressive metal, grindcore, a little bit of black metal, and of course the strange rhythms that appear in our sick minds [laughs].

What kind of topics do the lyrics deal with?
Our lyrics are about death, the extreme thoughts of a killer, sex, the chains of religion, gore, even strange ideas about the nature of the human being. Of course always from a dark and metaphoric point of view.

A thing that struck me while listening to the album was the production. It sounds very thin and makes the music sound less brutal. Are you satisfied with the production and could you explain why it turned out as it did?
Yes, we are very satisfied with the sound of the album, although it's true that maybe the final result could have been better, but we think it's alright because the album was recorded and mixed in only 11 days, and we didn't have too much money. We didn't want to sound like the most brutal death bands, with the typical sound very similar to Disgorge [USA], Suffocation or old Pyrexia, although we like these bands very much. We prefer to sound more similar to bands like Cephalic Carnage or Cryptopsy because we think the sound of those fit better with our style of brutal death. Anyway we'll try to improve in future.

How is the death metal scene doing in Spain? I don't really seem to recall any bands besides Avulsed and Machetazo!
The Spanish death metal scene is stronger than ever! The level of quality has increased much in the last years. You should listen the stuff from bands like Baalphegor, Scent of Death, Impure, Chamber of Shred, Cerebral Effusion, Glut, Holocaust, Dyspraxia, Wormed, Human Mincer, Antropomorfia and Irredemption just to name few.

Do you have any live shows coming up?
For the moment, we have some shows planned for the next months, although it depends of many factors.

Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview?
Thank you very much for your support, Check our debut album Cado Datur Verbs and visit our web:

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