The brutal Greek death metallers Inveracity is about to embark on the Gutting Europe V tour alongside Beheaded and Suffocate Bastard. Some days ago I got a brief talk with drummer Vagelis Voyiantzis about the upcoming tour, their latest CD Extermination of Millions and the plans for Inveracity now that they've finished their term in the army.

Vagelis Voyiantzis interviewed by PSL

You're about to embark on Gutting Europe V alongside Beheaded, Inherit Disease and Suffocate Bastard. How extensive is this tour going to be?
It's going to be like 10 dates covering the Czech Republic on the Brutal Assault festival, Germany, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Switzerland on the Mountains of Death festival, Austria and Malta. It's not as big as it was initially intended to be, but still very sick! Unfortunately Inherit Disease won't be on it.

It's an amazing tour line-package. How did it come together and what do you expect from the tour?
Erik from Unique Leader Records and Mike from Blast Corpse Promotions put it together. We are good friends with Beheaded and always wanted to go on a tour together so we'll finally kick it given the chance.

If you should do the Extermination of Millions versus the past release thing, where would you say the biggest differences are?
Circle of Perversion is definitely rawer soundwise. We certainly worked more on the production on Extermination of Millions and I'd say the same for the songs on it. We wanted a tighter, but still brutal sound. We managed to put out an album where we have improved on the production, are tighter and have better lyrics.

Most of the songs don't clock above the three minutes. Do you deliberately try to keep them short or is it simply a coincidence?
We never do that on purpose. It is how a track sounds complete. A good riff doesn't necessarily have to be repeated three or four times just because it's good. I hate it when songs I think are great feel like they are too long. It gives a feeling of being bored. Plus it's a good reason to play it again. Like something got your attention and you still try to feel aware of what it was.

I really like the crunchy and meaty production on Extermination of Millions. Did you experiment with the sound or did you know exactly what you wanted?
We entered the studio well rehearsed, so this allowed us to put a little more effort into the sound. We knew what we wanted, but we still had the time to try some different things. How it turned out was pretty much what we were after.

Your style is very American like. Do you prefer the American type of death metal above the European or is it a mix of both?
Sure, we are mostly fans of US styled death metal so this is where are influences come from. We are pretty much fans of old school death metal, but of course we like European bands as well. Modern death metal is good, but just as long as it's not too modern. We are definitely inspired by Suffocation, Monstrosity and early Hate Eternal. Also Deeds Of Flesh is an inspiration and the list goes on. I also love the first Vile album.

Your now former bassist Lefteris Gagarin wrote the majority of the music and lyrics on Extermination of Millions. Will his departure affect the sound and direction of the music?
Lefteris is also a film director and he didn't have the time to do both. We are still friends and we'll possibly use stuff he's written for the next album as well. At this time we have like three tracks ready and we try to make them sound fresh.

It took almost four years from the debut to Extermination of Millions. Will the wait be just as long to the next album?
Maybe, we had a year off because of the army and now we're a year behind. We don't really care about when, as long as we're 100% happy with the material.

Are you happy with Unique Leader Records and how they handle promotion, distribution, marketing and things like that? It seems they don't promote their bands that much in Europe!
They are good to us and the album sells really well. I hear people complaining about Unique Leader's band promotion, but they always come up with tour offers and I think that's a good way to promote your music.

I know there's no money in brutal death metal, but how many copies would Inveracity need to sell before you as a band would be happy?

We're happy with what we do, and we know we're not the type of band that would sell 30.000 copies. Every CD we've released so far has done better than the previous so who knows perhaps in 10 years we'll manage to get a platinum disc.

There's a lot of talk about there being too many bands and too many CD's put out. What do you think of this? Is the underground healthy today?
It's true. Everything is underground these days and everything is not at the same time especially with the internet and that sort of stuff. Too many bands and CD's? Yes perhaps, but look at how easy it's to form a band, record a CD and put it out today. Good bands pop up and really crappy bands pop up too. You just have to choose and take what you like.

You joined the army shortly after the release of Extermination of Millions and now the term has come to an end. What plans do you now have for Inveracity?
Do the tour. Write some good songs for the next album and just go on like we did before. It's as plain and simple as that.

I'm aware that there are millions of Greek black metal bands, but how's the death metal underground doing in Greece?
Not too many bands if you ask me, but most of them are good. Check out Vulnus, Blustery Caveat, Extreme Violence, Sickening Horror and you have the top of the cream of the Greek underground.

Anything you'd like to add to conclude this interview?
Thanks for the questions. Hope to catch up with you on the tour.

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