1. Disgrace
  2. Apotheosis
  3. Disbilief
  4. Warcult
  5. 5.56
  6. Enuma Elish
  7. Passing Away
  8. Pripyat
  9. Worm
INVERTED - Point of Crossing

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Self financed
YEAR: 2011

RATING: 6/10

The Italian band Inverted is not to be confused with the long defunct Swedish band by the same name. However there are a few similarities. The Italian five-piece plays straight forward death metal and so did the Swedes. It's obvious that Inverted have routine. The band is also made up by people who has previously played in Imposer and various other bands.

The songs are well put together. There's a nice balance between the fast and the more moderate in the songs. The band doesn't overdo one or the other and I like that. In terms of style the band doesn't think outside the box. The Italians do get inspiration from a variety of death metal bands. I hear a bit of Ulcerate and later day Exmortem here and there, but the result is above all conventional and there's nothing wrong about that.

The closer "" has a bit of black metal in it, but overall the music on Point of Crossing is run-of-the-mill death metal. The production is thick and crisp. It definitely profits the music. Point of Crossing is a good effort. I miss some more solos, but apart from that there's not much to complain about here.

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