Jigsore Terror is a fairly new grindcore project consisting of members from General Surgery, Birdflesh and Scams. The band recently released their debut World End Carnage through Listenable Records. So it was appropriate to get the lowdown of how this deadly trio came to be as well as other things and drummer and vocalist Adde Mitroulis was the poor chap who had to answer my rain of questions.

Adde Mitroulis interviewed by PSL

What was the general idea behind forming the band?
The thing was that I and a good friend of mine have always wanted to play in a band together. And since we both are very much into the old death metal bands, it felt obvious that we would do some kind of tribute to those old bands.

Jigsore Terror seems very inspired by old Carcass and Napalm Death or am I way off? Please elaborate on your influences!
Yeah! Especially Napalm Death. As I said, it was the old bands that "made" Jigsore Terror. Bands like Repulsion, Death, Morbid Angel and Terrorizer.

How would you in your own words describe your music?
I would describe our music like brutal fucking death with some stolen riffs from the gods Repulsion and Terrorizer.

Vocalist Tobbe Eng left the back shortly before the recording of World End Carnage and drummer Adde Mitroulis took over the vocals. What was the reason behind this move?
Yes, vocalist Tobbe Eng didn't have enough time for Jigsore Terror because he has another band, Thunderdog that takes a lot of his time. We only had like a month 'til we entered the studio, when he left Jigsore Terror. Of course we didn't have time to find a new vocalist, so I did the vocals on the album.

Do you plan on continuing as a trio?
No, we are looking for a vocalist. It's hard to find a good one though. But we hope that we will find someone soon.

The six songs from the demo are they all included on the album?
All six demo songs are included on the album. When we recorded the demo we had ten songs, but we didn't have time to record them all so we recorded six.

You've recorded the album in Soundlab with Nasum mainman Mieszko Talarczyk behind the knobs. What made you decide that this was the place to record?
Our guitarist, Tobbe "Six Feet" Ander had known Mieszko as a friend for some time. And we heard a lot of good stuff from his recordings so we decided to record our demo in Soundlab. We were very satisfied with the sound so we recorded the album there as well. Mieszko is very easy to work with.

Is Jigsore Terror still only a project band?
It is a project band. But we are absolutely serious. As long as it's fun to play, we will keep on grinding.

What other bands you currently involved in besides Jigsore Terror?
I also play in Birdflesh, General Surgery and Sayyadina. Hampus, the bass player is also in Birdflesh, and he plays guitar in heavy metal gods Bullet. And Tobbe has a band called Scams. And he plays in Rövbajs too.

How did you end up signing with Listenable?
It's the classic way. We sent a demo to Listenable and they liked it.

Any plans of playing live?
As soon as we find a vocalist we will try to do some shows. Hopefully very soon.

Any closing comments?
Thanks for your support! All grind maniacs out there: check us out if you dare! www.jigsoreterror.com.

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