When thinking of American death metal you automatically nowadays think of hyperblast death in the vein of Origin or Disgorge, but there are still bands that go for a less speedy and more groovy approach. One of those bands is Jungle Rot. The Midwest based quartet is topical with their new album War Zone. After a bit of waiting I finally got the chance to ask vocalist/guitarist Dave Matrise about different things. Unfortunately his answers weren't too informative, but still good enough to shred a bit of light on the bands activities.

Dave Matrise interviewed by PSL

It's been a while since War Zone was released. How has the reactions been so for?
Our label had it for four months before it was released. The reactions have been great , they say it targets the old school fans back to the old school, than the hard-core fans like the Fuelled by Hate - I disagree myself.

I read in your biography that you feel you have more in common with Slayer and Sodom than with how most death metal sound nowadays. Please elaborate why that is?
The German evasion, Sodom was a big influence, We're old school like them. I always hated that bio, some old label guy wrote it and we just went with it.

Not a whole lot of bands play groove death metal these days like you do. I can only think of Obituary, Torture Killer and Skinless right now. Could you see yourself moving away from that style at some point?
You hit that right, all those bands got recognized. Like them, we'll never change our style. I think that's a great thing.

Do you think it's possible to push groove death metal further or has it reached its limitations?
The scene is never going to get bigger, since I've been in it's, it's been the same... always about 250 kids.

A thing I noticed is that there virtually aren't any blast beats or solos on the album. Could you say why that is?
The last thing we need in the scene is a band with another shun[-tion], no interest to go in that direction, it's not our field.

Lyrically where do you find the inspiration?
History, war, true story's behind them. Jim has a head for that shit, Jim and Neil both wrote most of the newer lyrics.

You recorded War Zone at Studio One with producer Chris Djuricic. Was this the most obvious choice?
Yes, Chris is a multi-talented weapon. We do every album with him.

In my opinion you've achieved a fat and full sound that fit the music perfectly. Did you exactly know what kind of sound you wanted or did this sort of materialize along the way?
The sound is how we sound live, after years you get better at recordings, rarely its perfect, it is what it is, that's us that's how we sound nothing fake has been added.

You've had quite a few line-up changes during the years. Are changes like these inevitable?
That is exactly what it is, They just loose their heart beat. There is no money in it, and it's just a fight to keep it going.

Are any of you involved in other bands besides Jungle Rot?

Just Geoff.

Your previous record Fuelled by Hate was put out by Olympic/Century Media. How did you end up picking Crash Music for the War Zone release?
They were the label that showed the most interest.

You toured Europe together with Macabre earlier this year. How did that go?
The tour was great. It was a success. Macabre is a fun bunch of guys. True legend. All I can say is "True European Legends".

I read somewhere that you didn't get to tour the US in support of War Zone. What happened?
Our label didn't want to give us support and I had a hard time getting off of work. It was just bad timing after it was cancelled then rescheduled. It takes a lot of money and our label isn't big enough to handle it. It's one of our biggest mistakes.

How does the remainder of 2006 look for Jungle Rot? More gigs or will you commence song writing for the next recording?
We play with Hatebreed and Macabre at the end of December, and we are already writing our next album and it should be release early 2007.

Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview?
We will continue to fight the fight, Hopefully we will see you soon. Keep up with us on Myspace and let us know what you think.

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