KAAMOS - Lucifer Rising
Released: February 28th, 2005 | Label: Candlelight | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Target

01. Black Revelation
02. Gnosticon
03. Inaugurating Evil
04. Theriomorhic Pandæmonium
05. Dark Void
06. Lucifer Rising
07. Sacrament in Red
08. Mysterious Reversion
09. Chthonic
10. Ascent

Originality is not a major turning point here but these guys sure know how to craft some solid death metal. Kaamos play death metal the Swedish way, not the modern Gothenburg way but the old Swedish way in the vein of early Entombed, Grave, Vomitory and Dismember. Of course that itself doesn't scream for a whole lot of surprises and ingenuity and trust me there aren't many but it doesn't affect the music in any way so that's not really an issue worth digging any further into. The music is memorable and songs like the catchy "Black Revelation", "Gnosticon", the relentlessly fast "Sacrament in Red" and the somewhat Immolation inspired "Chthonic" [listen to the last part of the song and you'll know what I mean] beg to be played over and over.

The production is dirty and raw but not in a way that make it impossible to hear what's going on. The drums have that natural, slightly thin and somewhat hollow sound that just gives the whole thing an even dirtier and rawer feel. Lucifer Rising is as I started out writing far from groundbreaking but that shouldn't prevent you from checking out the album if you're looking to check out some solid death metal without all the cheesy effects that so often sneak in nowadays. The album never becomes really overwhelming but still Lucifer Rising lies somewhere along the average and above and that's just fine with me.

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