KADAVAR - Kadavar
Released: March, 2009 | Label: Punishment 18 | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Punishment 18

01. From Flesh to Sorrow
02. Return to Ashes
03. Behind the Storm
04. Global Collapse
05. Towards the Abyss
06. Morbid Sense of Weakness
07. Lust of Mortal Decay
08. Ghost of Revelation
09. Mirror of Lies

I must say the self-titled debut from Kadavar is a convincing effort. The Italian four-piece is inspired by bands like Death, Morbid Angel and Decapitated among others. While the Death and Morbid Angel influences isn't that obvious it's easy to hear the references to Decapitated. Despite of the music not being unusual Kadavar doesn't sound like a copy.

The song-writing is solid and the four-piece come up with some good riffs and arrangements. On "From Flesh to Sorrow", "Behind the Storm" and the closer "Mirror of Lies" there's a bit of keyboard. This is used very effectively and the band doesn't overdo it. Something I like a lot is that there are many solos onKadavar and these add a lot of feel to the music. Kadavar effectively combine 90's death metal with modern and more brutal death metal. On "Towards the Abyss" we almost talk slammy, brutal US styled death metal a few places.

Vocalists Lorenzo Bidoli and Luca Colucci are good at varying the vocals. They complement each other very well with the low guttural growls and the Jeff Walker-type of vocals. The music is not overly fast, but there is a nice diversity in the pace and the more mid-tempo orientated parts give room for the heavy and groovy constituents.

It doesn't hurt either that the bass is allowed some room from time to time. Among other songs this can be heard on "Ghost of Revelation". The production is fat and juicy, but clear enough so nothing seems to vanish. In terms of originality Kadavar is nothing out of the ordinary, but music wise it's a strong and convincing debut.

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