KRISIUN - AssassiNation
Released: February 27th, 2006 | Label: Century Media | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: EMI

01. Bloodcraft
02. Natural Genocide
03. Vicious Wrath
04. Refusal
05. H.O.G. [House of God]
06. Father's Perversion
07. Suicidal Savagery
08. Doomed
09. United in Deception
10. Decimated
11. Summon
12. Sweet Revenge

I was not very impressed by the EP Bloodshed. As a matter of fact I thought it was boring, so I expected AssassiNation to be the same, but I was wrong, totally wrong. With AssassiNation, the Brazilians prove that they still got it in them; actually I think they sound as good as ever. Their hyper-speed death metal appears more varied than before. One of the more logic reasons for this is that the band doesn't solely concentrate on being hyper-fast from start to finish. It's nice to hear that the slower parts have gotten more room in the soundscape. Moreover Andy Classen's fat and crisp production make the music appear even more potent and powerful. Actually the band may very well sound the heaviest to date.

Overall the tempo appears to have lowered a bit, but Krisiun don't compromise with their trademark sound. I guess it wouldn't be wrong to say that the band have matured with time. The songs are skilfully written which clearly come to show in songs like "Natural Genocide", "Suicidal Savagery" and "United in Deception". Moreover the short instrumental tracks "Doomed" and "Summon" add more feel to the album.

Krisiun finish it all of with their rendition of Motörhead's "Sweet Revenge" which show that the band nowadays is more than just speed. It's clear that Krisiun is at the top of their game. If you like their previous material, then AssassiNation is unavoidable, and newcomers to Krisiun can safely start her.

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