KRISIUN - Southern Storm
Released: July 21st, 2008 | Label: Century Media | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: EMI

01. Slaying Steel
02. Sentenced Morning
03. Twisting Sights
04. Minotaur
05. Combustion Inferno
06. Massacre Under the Sun
07. Bleeding Offers
08. Refuse/Resist
09. Origin of Terror
10. Contradictions of Decay
11. Sons of Pest
12. Black Wind
13. Whore of the Unlight

I found AssassiNation to be very good as it showed a more mature and diverse side of Krisiun and the three brothers continue to expand the framework of the music on Southern Storm. The trio still blasts a lot, but itís obvious that thereís more room today in the music for the slower and more mid-tempo like parts than previously. Donít worry, Krisiun sound like Krisiun and thereís plenty of super fast drumming all over the CD, but the more versatile songs like "Minotaur", "Contradictions of Decay" and "Whore of the Unlight" makes it all so much more interesting. The rendition of the Sepultura song "Refuse/Resist" is actually not bad either. The original was weak, but Krisiun makes it sounding good.

Overall thereís a fine balance on Southern Storm between the super fast and the more mid-tempo orientated parts. The songs donít tend to sound alike or boring. The acoustic track "Black Wind adds additional variation to the soundscape and so does the bass when itís audible now and then. Again Andy Classen did the production and like on AssassiNation the production is thick and crisp. It goes well with the music and gives the songs that extra push. Southern Storm is another convincing effort from the Brazilian trio. It wonít go down in history as a work of art, but Krisiun prove that their song-writing has more substance than ever before.

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