Released: 2009 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Laboratorio Cristalitos

01. Narcoturismo
02. Sequestrata
03. Plancolombia
04. Bloody Hashish
05. Soldados Negros
06. World War Zombie
07. Necroanimale
08. Padre Maniaco
09. Narcoturismo [in Spanish]
10. Sequestrata [in Spanish]
11. Plancolombia [in Spanish]
12. Bloody Hashish [in Spanish]
13. Soldados Negros [in Spanish]
14. World War Zombie [in Spanish]
15. Necroanimale [in Spanish]
16. Padre Maniaco [in Spanish]
17. Laboratorio Cristalitos

Laboratorio Cristalitos began as a Brujeria and Asesino cover band in 2004. The band name is actually also the title of a song from Brujeria's Brujerizmo.

Obviously the music is not very different from that of Brujeria or Asesino. We're talking death metal with a good deal of groove. There are not really any fast parts in the music. With a few exceptions the Italian trio goes for the moderate or slow. Usually I dislike this as the songs can tend to sound the same if there's little or no variation in the pace, but Laboratorio Cristalitos is mostly able to get away with this. Overall the music is simplistic and straight forward.

Although the song-writing is conventional Laboratorio Cristalitos do come up with some good riffs and appealing songs. Songs like "Narcoturismo", "World War Zombie" and "Necroanimate" illustrate this very well.

Besides the Italian versions of the songs the band has also included the songs sung in Spanish. It's not something that makes bigger a difference. However I guess I prefer when the band sings in Spanish as it fits the music a little better. The band finishes Narcoturismo off with a rendition in Italian of Brujeria's "Laboratorio Cristalitos". It's not something that adds much to the general experience.

Narcoturismo is an okay effort, but not much more. Fans of Brujeria or Asesino will definitely love the music.

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