South Carolina's Lecherous Nocturne recently released their new album Adoration of the Blade via Deepsend Records, an effort that mix death, black and thrash. The band features such renowned musicians as Nile-guitarist Dallas Toler-wade on drums and Monstrosity bassist Mike Poggione, who replaced Joe Payne earlier this year. A short while ago I asked guitarist Kreishloff some questions about this and that and he wasn't late to reply.

Kreishloff interviewed by PSL

Adoration of the Blade has been a long time under way. Why is that? If I'm not mistaken it was originally supposed to have been out in October last year!
Yes it was supposed to release last year but the band was broke and had to self finance the album.

Some time age you parted with bassist Joe Payne and hooked up with Mike Poggione from Monstrosity instead. How did that come around?
Well Joe was not very into the music I don't think. I just called Mike and asked him. He was down.

What inspires you musically? I hear several genres like death, black and a bit of thrash mixed together!
All what you mentioned, we want to take all the elements of true metal and use them in Lecherous Nocturne. Life also is very inspiring, just the day to day bullshit you see around you. We write about real life because nothing is more terrifying than that.

The material on Adoration of the Blade was it specific written for the album or did you re-use or re-arrange earlier material as well?
All but two tracks were written for Adoration of the Blade. We used two off the EP that we thought needed to be re-recorded.

Back in 2005 you announced there would be 10 tracks on the album. Why did you end up with 'only' eight tracks?
Well we had time and money constraints so that held the whole thing back as well as shaved some songs off the album.

How come there aren't really any solos on the album?
Lecherous Nocturne has never been a band that uses solos, its just not something that we feel is needed in the music… yet.

You've recorded the album in SoundLab Studios where Nile also has recorded. What made you pick that studio?
Bob Moore at SoundLab is great to work with and has a very nice studio here in South Carolina. He has a good track record with metal bands and he seemed to be the right choice. We will be working with Bob and SoundLab a lot more in the future.

Are you happy with the outcome of those recording-sessions or are there things you would have done differently now?
Yes I am happy with how it turned out. We had a small budget to work with so I would have liked to have more time with the recording, but overall I am pleased with it.

A lot of bands don't seem to spend too much time on the lyrics. What do the lyrics mean to you and do you see them as an important part of the music?
Lyrics are very important. Jason Hohenstein our vocalist handles all the lyrics and vocal arrangements. He will give us a song title or vice versa and we start working up riffs that we thing sound like the title.

How much material have you recorded prior to Adoration of the Blade?
We have recorded a early demo not worth even talking about in 2001 when the band relocated to Denver, Colorado. That went to shit so we returned to South Carolina to work with our old drummer Clay Lytle and released our self titled EP.

How did you end up picking Deepsend Records to release Adoration of the Blade?

It seemed like the right deal, we are an underground band that needs more exposure and Deepsend was showing great interest in Lecherous Nocturne.

How did Dallas Toler-Wade end up playing drums in the band?
Clay had left the band the first time we signed with Embryo Records out of Las Vegas. After that we found the talent pool to be small around here so I called Karl Sanders and asked him if he knew anyone that wasn't local. He said Dallas wanted to take drums up again, so I called him up and he went for it.

Besides Dallas and Mike are any of you other currently involved in other bands?
Only Jason, he plays with a band called Calus, Chris and I don't have time for other bands, we spend it all working on Lecherous Nocturne music and getting the band out there in front of people.

Other than Nile and you there doesn't seem to come much death metal out of South Carolina. Could you say something about the scene there if such exist?
Well, there are some death metal bands in the tri state area bands like, Insidious Demise, Krotalus who are some local South Carolina death bands. The scene here is great with a lot of musicians that are very good at what they do. However there's more of a metal scene is going on in North Carolina with bands like Wehrwolfe, Apotheosys, Dreamscapes of the Perverse.

How does the remainder of the year look for Lecherous Nocturne?
Very busy, lots of shows, pushing the record, and writing new songs for the next CD.

Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview?
Thanks for the time and exposure. Check out Adoration of the Blade on Deepsend Records available through Century Media distro.

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