Released: 2008 | Label: Power It Up | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Blacklist

01. Misleading Innuendos
02. Redemption Meltdown
03. The Hand That Strangles
04. Black Holes

05. Like Yesterday
06. Self-traitor
07. Everyone is Robbing the Dead
08. Slave
09. Charlatan
10. My Failures [Just Like Yesterday]

I liked what Leng Tch’e did on Marasmus. The music is somewhat different on the split CD with Fuck The Facts, but it’s still convincing. After Marasmus Leng Tch’e underwent changes in the line-up, but that definitely hasn’t left the Belgians crippled and broken. The music is rock n’ roll-like grindcore - there’s a good balance between the blastbeats and the slower in the music, but the four-piece do rely mostly on the moderate in the music. Overall the riffs are catchy and the four songs Leng Tch’e presents are all good. This split CD promise well for what next to come.

Stigmata High-Five from Fuck The Facts impressed me a lot and what the Canadians show here is just as good. The music is still an odd mix of noise, doom, grindcore and death metal. The songs are vibrant, diverse and full of memorable details. Fuck The Facts doesn’t limit themselves and the music goes from blastbeats to moving almost rock-like sequences. There’s always a risk mixing various genres, but the band is able to get away with it. All six songs are good in their own way and it never tend to sound cluttered. This split CD is worth a closer look if you’re a fan or just like grindcore with a little extra.

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