Released: 2005 | Label: Half-life | Rating: 0/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Half-life

01. La Carne Picada [Chopped Meat]
02. Are You BBQ?
03. The Gurgles
04. Pork Grind [dm]
05. Chorizo
06. Intestines [Part II]
07. ...on the Grill
08. Sweet and Sour
09. Orgy of Terror
10. The Way In
11. BBQ Lust
12. In Your Skin
13. Pink Taco
14. Camel Toe/In My Sewer
15. Dark Basement

Lincoln Love Log is a two-piece band apparently with a fetish for barbeque steaks. The music is very simplistic grindcore or goregrind if you like, and quite noisy too I might add.

The songs are bad, the sound is bad, and actually it's all pretty much downright awful. I get the feeling that all the material found on Are You BBQ is only demo-material recorded at home or live hence the shitty sound. It's nearly impossible to tell any of the songs apart as they are a blur of drums and vocals.

What really pulls down is that you can almost not hear the guitars. I fail to notice anything the least funny or relevant about this release. This is just about as bad as it come.

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