Blood Duster
  Bolt Thrower
  Cannibal Corpse
  Cock And Ball Torture
  Dying Fetus
  Embalming Theatre
  Hour Of Penance
  Insidious Decrepancy
  Black Hole Productions
  Bones Brigade
  Brutal Bands
  Canonical Hours
  CDN Records
  Century Media Records
  Crash Music
  Comatose Music
  Disembowel Records
  Galactic Records
  Grindhead Records
  Grotesque Productions
  Grundar Productions
  Hells Headbangers
  Lacerated Enemy
  Listenable Records
  Metal Blade
  Neurotic Records
  Nuclear Blast
  Obscure Domain
  Osmose Productions
  Permeated Records
  Power It Up
  Razorback Records
  Relapse Records
  Remission Records
  Selfmadegod Records
  Sevared Records
  Third Alliance Records
  Ukragh Productions
  Unique Leader
  Unmatched Brutality
  Willowtip Records
  Wretched Decay - label and mailorder
  Xtreem Music
  Brutal Design - graphic design
  Brutalism - webzine
  Brutal Views - webzine
  Dead Void Dreams - webzine
  Diabolic Conquest - webzine
  Empty Words
  Guttural Zine - webzine
  Iranian Death Metal - promoting Iranian / Persian death metal
  Kill-Town Deathfest - Danish death metal festival
  Metal Royale - promoting metal in Aarhus
  Metal Underground.com
  Music Solutions Agency
  Psycho Magazine
  Source Webzine - webzine

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