Portland, Oregon based brutal deathgore freaks Lord Gore recently brought yet another sick and defaced creation of theirs to life in shape of the new and second full-length album Resickened, an album that may not leave a whole lot to the imagination but it sure provide a nice trip into the repulsive and brutal. I recently spoke to vocalist and founding member Gurge about the new album as well as a few other things.

Gurge interviewed by PSL

Where do you think the biggest improvement is on Resickened compared to your debut The Autophagous Orgy?
Song themes, songwriting, production, layout. I think every aspect has been improved while remaining faithful to the sound and foundation of our previous effort. Basically the same beast, but it's evolved, or mutated rather. It's got a few more balls, tentacles, cysts and orifices now. We had better equipment to record this time so you can really hear everything crystal clear, I guess that's the biggest improvement.

Would it be completely wrong if I said you're somewhat inspired by Carcass, Bolt Thrower and Houwitser?
Hmmm..., well I can see the Carcass and Bolt Thrower, but not so much the Houwitser. I always saw us as more of a mix of Autopsy/Impetigo/Pungent Stench with modern gutturals.

The songs are pretty varied for this kinda brutal stuff. You pretty much seem to cover the whole spectrum. Was this something you had in mind when writing the album?
We have more flavour this time around because everyone wrote some songs and we all have different styles. There's doom, death, goregrind, techy stuff, punky riffs and more classic metal riffs. Definitely more varied than The Autophagous Orgy. I think it sounds more interesting as a result.

It sounds like you have effects [the gurgling sounds] on the vocals. Are you able to reproduce them in a live situation?
No effects on this or the previous album. On one song i use liquid to achieve the sloppy bubble effect for a certain passage, but that's about it. The vocals you hear on the CD are the same live, people who have seen our shows can attest to that.

Your lyrics and samples are pretty bizarre, grotesque and sound like they are mainly inspired by low budget movies! Please elaborate on what kinda stuff you're inspired by!
Well this time around the samples were from a broader source of films, television and documentaries. In some cases, not even from horror or sci-fi movies. We altered many of the samples for effect and we also created a couple of the samples from scratch. I won't say where the samples come from specifically, but they are taken from various horror/sci-fi/exploitation and documentary films and programs. Basically they were chosen because they fit the theme of the songs and added the desired mood or mindset.

The artwork is equally bizarre. Did you come up with the idea or did you give Waita Uziga free hands to use the imagination?
I had sketched the cover already and i sent it to him so he knew exactly what to do. This was how the first cover was conceived also because there is a bit of a language barrier, so visuals were the key. He kept the same general layout but made it his own in ways, improving it and lending his own sick vision to it. We're extremely happy with it, it basically contains every song theme from the album in some way, just a big disgusting yet erotic amalgam of flesh, science, perversion of nature, erotica, violence, vermin and just all out chaos.

I understand that you haven't recorded Resickened in a "real" studio. Could you elaborate on the reasons for this?
Studios are expensive and we are self funded. Luckily in this day and age anyone with a computer and the right programs/interface can record an album by themselves so we chose this route and are pleased with the results. Also, in a studio you are constantly rushed and under pressure because of time/money constraints and we took our time and got everything just the way we wanted it, having complete control over every aspect of our individual performances and the sound.

I read on somewhere that you recorded 19 songs for Resickened but there are "only" 13 on the album so what happened to the remaining 6 songs?
We have 7 songs that we intend to release on splits and other releases with Engorged, Biolich and a three way with Blood Duster and Leng tch'e in the future.

Are any of you currently involved in other bands besides Lord Gore?

Yes, Neil, Colon and I are in Frightmare. We're currently writing the follow-up to Midnight Murder Mania. Expect even more insane thrashing grindcore with superior production this time around. Colon is also in Engorged and Winter of Apokalypse. Neil was in Whore, who's second CD Doing it for the Kids will be out this year on Moribund Cult.

Any thoughts on why the Portland deathgore scene has become so strong in the recent years? There seems to be a lot of bands there!
I think part of it is because a lot of the same people are in various bands and a lot of the people in the scene here are familiar with the same themes and pop culture and have the same influences and goals. Apparently Portland is just a breeding ground for unruly perverts who worship gore, violence and happen to play music.

Do you have any live activities coming up?
Yes, we're playing two short tours this year. In April we're playing a handful of shows along the west coast and will be playing the Arizona Death and Grind Fest in Phoenix. In May we're doing a short slew of shows on the East coast starting at the Maryland Death Fest and playing a handful of cities in the area afterward. I urge everyone to come check out the live show and support 5 perverted gorehounds who enjoy large, natural breasts and need a hug.

Have you found a bassist or are you able to play without for the time being?
We've tried a few people and currently have found someone to fulfil live duties for these tours.

Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview?
Thanks for the interview, to the people reading this, buy the new CD Resickened, come to our shows in your area, get off in whatever way you can as frequently as you can and take it sleazy.

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