LOST GOD - Savage Souls
Released: June 7th, 2009 | Label: Arnwald Productions | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Lost God

01. Savage Souls
02. Human Fear
03. The Black Flames of Rebellion

Just because things are cliché and not that different from much else doesn't automatically make it bad. At least that's how I feel about Lost God. The Belgians play death metal with undertones of black metal. It's all very conventional, but the four-piece make it diverse enough not to bore.

The three songs on this MCD are varied. There are both fast and slow parts in the songs, but there is just the right balance in the music and it's not like the band overdo one thing or the other. Lost God tries a few different things to create some additional mood to the songs and it works as it should. But, none of this changes that most of the riffs and parts are conventional. There's nothing different in what the four-piece is doing.

The production is dirty and not the typical thick death metal production that I like. The sound is mucky and the drums have a hollow, dry ring to them. The guitars vanish a bit between the vocals and drums. It doesn't spoil much, but it doesn't exactly make the music sound all that tight and brutal either.

Savage Souls have its shortcomings, but on the whole it's not a bad effort. With some additional work Lost God could become an interesting band.

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