LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Show-off Cadavers - The Anatomy of Self Display
Released: 2007 | Label: Black Hole | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Black Hole

01. Detailed Bypass Surgical Procedure [Whole Vena-cava Anastomosis]
02. Creutzfeldt - Jakob Disease vs. Cadaveric Dura-mater Grafts
03. Y
04. Forensic Evidences - Detailed Entomological Calculations [Rear Maggots to Adulthood to Identify Species] A P.M.I. Preview by Cadaveric Fauna Analysis
05. Miscarriage Conceptions in Obstetricia
06. Gynaeccological Sickness
07. An Undergo Post-mortem Exam [Brought into the Autopsy Suite]
08. Phagocyte Dysfunctions by the Increasing of Bacterial Infections Incidence
09. Compulsive Concupiscentia of Pathologist
10. Pneumo-diffusion Dysfunctions for Anatomo-pathological Abnormalities of the Diffusing Membranes
11. ... with the Rib Cage and All Major Organs Removed the Cadaver Was... [Stitched up by a Mortuary Personnel]
12. Malignant Obstruction of the Bilious Efflux in the Chronic Cholecystitis
13. [TIPS] Trans-jugular Intra-hepatic Porta-systemic Shunts
14. Impressive Hands-on - The Senior Pathologist's Autopsy Technique
15. Profuse Hemorrhage from the Bottom Esophagus Sub-mucous Varicosity
16. Insalubrious Formation of the Collateral Blood Vases in the Whole Gastro-enterological Tract

This is sick, sick music and I like it. Brazilian goregrind band Lymphatic Phlegm does definitely not sound like the common purveyors of the genre. The music of Lymphatic Phlegm do of course centre on gory pathological imagery a la Carcass and the Brazilians also have those super deep gurgling vocals that most other bands in the genre do, but this is more or less where the similarities stop. The music on Show-off Cadavers - The Anatomy of Self Display has an almost epic vibe to it and added the disturbing samples that are occasionally used; it gives the music an eerie feel. The samples are not the typical B-movie sort of thing and it does make a positive difference.

The drums are programmed and it's not difficult to realize. It's like this was done on purpose and it works surprisingly well. The computer drums add to the gloomy feel of the music. The production is clean and crisp. It differs from the usual dirty and murky sound you hear on most goregrind CD's. The sound gives the music a clinical and almost sterile appearance. It goes well with the whole forensic imagery that Lymphatic Phlegm builds their music on. Show-off Cadavers - The Anatomy of Self Display is not for most people, but I advise those who like it bizarre and gross to take a closer look at the Brazilian duo. I had no idea what to expect, but Lymphatic Phlegm sure have left a lasting impression.

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