MALEBOLGIA - Requiem for the Inexorable
Released: February 27th, 2009 | Label: Comatose | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Malebolgia

01. Degrading Succession
02. Born of the Nephelim
03. Veiled Impurity
04. Involuntary Recollections
05. Discordant Splendor
06. Requiem
07. Infesdead
08. Beast of Euphoria
09. Cultus Parasiticus
10. Dominion of Alchemy
11. Pissing Pus
12. Cock Rockin' Fever

Besides a split CD in 2006 it's not much that has come from North Carolina's Malebolgia in the last 6 years, but here in 2009 the band return with the debut Requiem For the Inexorable. The music is brutal death metal in the vein of Hate Eternal and the likes. It's mostly very fast, but the band does slow down and mix it with some slam parts as well. Malebolgia don't think much outside the box in terms of the song-writing. The band largely relies on things already done by a million other bands - not that this automatically has to be a bad thing, but it doesn't exactly help set Malebolgia apart from many of the other brutal death metal bands. An example of this is the drumming - it's much in the vein of Hate Eternal and often it gets too repetitive.

Many of the riffs are interesting, but like with the drumming some now and again become a little too much of the same. However the band is largely able to get away with this. The song that is most different is the AC/DC-like bonus track "Cock Rockin' Fever" - it's uplifting to hear a rock 'n roll song end all the brutality. The production is close to that of Hate Eternal. Again that doesn't make the difference any bigger, but it fits the style and music. The sound is clear, but somewhat dry. Requiem for the Inexorable is in spite of the aforementioned issues an effort worth taking a closer look at if you're a fan of brutal death metal in the vein of Hate Eternal, Origin and Prion or just fast music in general.

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