MAN MUST DIE - No Tolerance For Imperfection
Released: August 10th, 2009 | Label: Relapse | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Relapse

01. No Tolerance For Imperfection
02. Gainsayer
03. Kill It Skin It Wear It
04. It Comes in Threes
05. This Day is Black
06. Hide the Knives
07. Dead in the Water
08. What I Can't Take Back
09. Reflections From Within
10. How the Mighty Have Fallen
11. Survival of the Sickest

I haven't really followed Man Must Die much after they joined Relapse Records. On the band's third effort No Tolerance for Imperfection the Scottish four-piece play some okay modern death metal, but it's not like the music is different from much else of what is put out today.

No doubt that the song-writing is good. The songs are varied and the band shifts a lot between fast, brutal and slower groovy parts. There are even times when there are hints of melody - this comes to show on "Gainsayer", "Kill It, Skin It, Wear It" , "Reflections" and the closer "Survival of the Sickest". The blend of these different inputs is convincing and above all the way it is put together makes it all very organic.

There's even a bit of acoustic guitar on "What I Can't Take Back". It doesn't hurt either that a few samples occur now and then. These add some additional feel to the music.

If I were to criticize something it wouldn't so much be the music, although the four-piece do have trouble keeping up the thrust all the way. It's more the production that is somewhat of an issue. The guitars tend to be a bit thin and it doesn't exactly make the music seem all that muscular. On the opposite it's easy to hear what is going on and I like that the bass pop up now and then.

No Tolerance for Imperfection is a good effort, although it has its shortcomings. If you like modern death metal in the vein of what many American bands play nowadays, then Man Must Die is definitely a band worth looking closer at.

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