MAN MUST DIE - Start Killing
Released: May, 2004 | Label: Retribute | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Retribute

01. A Lesson Once Learned
02. Indulge in Genocide
03. Severe Facial Reconstruction
04. All Shall Perish
05. War on Creation
06. Eradicate the Weak
07. Scumkiller
08. Kingdom Shall Fall
09. Faint Figure in Black

When mentioning Scotland what instantly comes to mind is Highlanders, Kilts, Whiskey and the Lock Ness monster! You usually don't associate Scotland with death metal but none the less this is where brutal death metallers Man Must Die originate from. Man Must Die was formed in October 2002 with the sole purposed of being one of the heaviest, fastest, extreme and at the same time accessible bands around. Man Must Die already seem to a certian extend having succeed in their quest with their debut Start Killing.

Of course originality and innovation for many bands is two cities in Russia and Man Must Die is really no exception either. The similarities with Canadian death metallers Kataklysm are striking but a lot of this could possibly be due to the fact that Kataklysm guitarist Jean Francois Dagenais has produced the album. However there also seem to be references in the music to combos like Cryptopsy and Suffocation but the all dominating influence seem to be the aforementioned Kataklysm. But Man Must Die does also manage to add some ideas of their own to the music and thereby give it a stint of identity. The music is of course super fast, brutal and at times very catchy death metal but often it tends to sound somewhat thin which probably is due to the production. It simply sounds a little too clean and polished and thereby it deprives the music of some of its depths and utter brutality but on the other hand it's very clear to hear all the little details.

Another thing is that Start Killing doesn't really differ much from what is already out there but still it's a solid effort that does have it's moments but without ever being really compelling. Start Killing may not offer anything revolutionary but still it's an album this lies somewhere along the average and above.

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