1. Iconoclaust
  2. Pray for the Nihilanth
  3. The Collapse
  4. Demise of the Humanist
  5. In Perpetual Narcolepsy
  6. The Great Delusion
  7. A Sea of Dead Serpents
  8. Dirt Worshipper
  9. Replicate
  10. The Iron Lung Has Failed Us
  11. Man Versus Gravity aka the Inevitability of Human Error
  12. Idolize Then Destroy
  13. Rise of the Iron Moth
  14. Waking Up From the American Dream
  15. Serotonin
MARUTA - In Narcosis

GENRE: Grindcore
LABEL: Candlelight Records
YEAR: October 27th, 2008

RATING: 6/10

In Narcosis is not the easiest CD to take in. The music is a convoluted mix of modern grindcore, noise and death metal. It's obvious that Maruta doesn't limit themselves on In Narcosis.

At first I didn't like the music at all as it felt like an muddled barrage of noise, but then "The Collapse", "Man Versus Gravity aka of The Inevitability Human Error" and "Rise of the Iron Moth" sank in. Beneath what at first felt untidy and arbitrary there are some exciting things going on.

I like how the band mixes slow doom laden riffs with messy and noisy parts as well as typical brutal death metal riffs and uptight grindcore. These different inputs make a resourceful and effective blend.

The vocals are the usual standard low end growls added some shouting for diversity. The shouting vocals do partly get a little annoying in the long run, but on the whole it goes well with the music.

The three Americans prove on In Narcosis that they master the brutal, the intricate and the heavy. It takes a bit of an effort to digest In Narcosis For fans of bands in the vein of Pig Destroyer and Exit Wounds.

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