1. Suffer Mental Decay
  2. Toxic Unreality
MASADA - Suffer Mental Decay

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Self financed
YEAR: May 21st, 2011

RATING: 5/10

Masada is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania located four-piece. The line-up include Graig Smilowski, formerly of Immolation and Goreaphobia as well as Cazz Grant, Matt Dwyer and Chris Milewski. The music is old school American death metal. The two songs on the demo are not super tight or brutal.

The songs are for the most part played in a moderate pace. The band does gear up a bit now and then, but above all the music isn't very fast. To some degree the songs make me think a little of Imperial Doom era Monstrosity. It's obvious that Masada is not trying to reinvent death metal, but that's not a bad thing.

I'm not a big fan of the production. The guitars are thin and anonymous. I'm sure that's the mix as the drums and vocals are up in the front. A thicker guitar tone would definitely not hurt. It's kind of difficult to have an opinion about the music with just two songs to base the review on. But I think that the four-piece do have something interesting going on. So I hope that this is not the last we've heard of Masada.

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