1. Of Carrion and Pestilence
  2. Intense Genital Punishment
  3. Tomb Desecrator
  4. Mass Burial
  5. Post War Psychosis
  6. Rotten Rise Again
  7. Deathlike Dream
  8. Virulent Infestation
  9. T.T.T.R.
  10. Only One Bullet Left
  11. When Fury Became Blood
MASS BURIAL - Of Carrion and Pestilence

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Psycho Records
YEAR: February 13th, 2012

RATING: 7/10
PROVIDED BY: Psycho Records

It's obvious right away that Mass Burial like old school Swedish death metal. The music on the debut Of Carrion and Pestilence is full of references to early Dismember, Entombed and bands similar. Of course that makes it all very predictable, but in spite of that the music isn't boring.

The song-writing is good. The music is clear-cut, but overall varied. It's obvious that the band adores early Dismember and Entombed. There are riffs and parts that are very close to, if not the exact same as what the Swedes have done. Usually that's not a good thing, but overall the Spanish four-piece is able to get away with it.

The music also has a lot of that dirty, primitive energy that was common around 1990. The production isn't very different from the Sunlight Studio type of sound that was on Left Hand Path or Indecent and Obscene. To me that's definitely a plus.

As I already wrote the music on Of Carrion and Pestilence isn't atypical, actually it's cliché all the way. However fact is that the music is well-played, catchy and overall very good. So if you like death metal the way that Entombed and Dismember did it, then give Mass Burial a chance.

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