MASS OBLITERATION - Abrahamithic Curse
Released: 2007 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 4/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Mass Obliteration

01. Shrine of the I part I
02. Supremacy
03. From Beyond
04. Shrine of the I part II
05. Balls Torture for Preachers
06. Aaimonion [Demon of Goddess]
07. Shrine of the I part III

Abrahamithic Curse is the first demo from the Italian trio Mass Obliteration. It starts well with "Shrine of the I Part I", but from there on it becomes evident that in spite of the good ideas it only goes downhill. The main reason is that the music isn't very tightly played. It's obvious that the band need a second guitarist to create a better bottom in the soundscape. The drums and bass can't bear this alone and the outcome is thin and incoherent.

The trio is inspired by combos like Autopsy, Morbid Angel and Death, but it's not something that is too obvious. To some degree Mass Obliteration has created their own sound, but it doesn't make the music more inventive. If the band is able to get a more compact sound then there are possibilities otherwise it doesn't look too good.

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