1. Hymns of Detestation
  2. Meteorian
  3. Endless Streams of Consciousness
  4. Factory of Death
  5. Antihuman Inferno
  6. Eternal Solitude
  7. The Sound of the Black Waves
  8. Fed by Fear
  9. Perfect Black Infinity
  10. Dark Blood Rising
  11. You’ve All Been Fucked
MESMERIZED - Antihuman Inferno

GENRE: Death / black metal
LABEL: Psycho Records
YEAR: January 15th, 2011

RATING: 8/10
PROVIDED BY: Psycho Records

The Polish band Mesmerized has made a smaller change in direction. The music is not so much Deicide inspired death metal anymore, but instead more a mixture of death and black metal. Nowadays it's difficult to write music that isn't just more of the same. And there is nothing uncommon in what the four-piece is doing, but the music great and that is what matters.

The music is diverse and nicely put together. There are lots of catchy riffs and parts, as on "Meteroian" and "Factory of Death" to name two. The music is of course mostly fast, but the band does gear down a notch or two when needed. The bass is noticeable in the production, I like that as it makes the music thick and burly.

As I wrote before the music is mostly fast, but the band are good at adding some feel to the music so it doesn't end up being a carnival of boring riffs or super fast drumming. Moreover there's a short solo here and there to spice it all up a little more. To some degree I'd say the bands style is a mix of Behemoth, Rotting Christ and Krisiun, but the four-piece are able to add personality to the music.

The vocals are the raspy death metal type mixed with a bit of black metal vocal. Some times it makes me think of Deicide's Glen Benton. That is not so bad if you just like me is a Deicide fan. The production is thick, but clear enough so nothing seems to vanish.

Antihuman Inferno is a diverse and strong effort. It may not be anything out of the usual, but if you like riff driven death metal mixed with bits and pieces of black metal then Antihuman Inferno is hard to avoid

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