1. Possessed by the Occult
  2. Dead
  3. Sadistic
  4. The poison Chalice
MORBID GRIN - The Poison Chalice

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Self financed
YEAR: 2009

RATING: 4/10
PROVIDED BY: Morbid Grin

The Poison Chalice is the latest demo from the Swedish death metal band Morbid Grin. It's an effort that doesn't appeal much to my taste. The music is a tiring blend of death and thrash metal. Saying the music is death metal is somewhat of an exaggeration.

It often have more in common with Kreator and Sodom than some of the bands other inspirations like Entombed, Death and Dismember. The music is most of all primitive and straight forward, but somehow it never gets exciting. The songs too often feel standard and in some way also thin. The music really misses some bite.

It's a big problem that there are few interesting riffs or parts to get things going. The few exciting riffs that is in the music is far from enough to make a difference for the better. The music misses punch and a more in-your-face kind of nerve.

As I wrote there are some okay things on The Poison Chalice, but overall it's an mediocre effort from start to finish. It's an effort that proves there's a lot more work to be done if Morbid Grin sooner or later plan move past the demo-stage.

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