MORTAL FUNGUS - Back to the Lombrosary
Released: 2008 | Label: Gentle Exhuming | Rating: 5/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Gentle Exhuming

01. Back to the Lombrosary
02. Repulsive Retaliation
03. Homopedophile
04. Season of Survival
05. Seeds of Impurity
06. Frightening Countries
07. Abortive Foetus Disposal

Mortal Fungus is a band with a long history and it can be heard. The Italians play old school death metal and they do this fairly well. The music does not exactly burst of surprises. It's unoriginal and sometimes it sounds like the band tries to imitate Equilibrium era Cathedral like on "Repulsive Retaliation". It's not bad, but it does make the music predictable. Also Mortal Fungus seem to be inspired by both Benediction and early My Dying Bride and it's obvious when listening to the music that the Italians draw on a variety of inspirations.

The bass is allowed some room now and then and the band also adds a solo or two along the way and as a whole the music is both diverse and entertaining. The songs are largely mid-tempo orientated or slower. That gives the music a gloomy feel along with the violin on "Abortive Foetus Disposal". If you prefer your death metal old school with a somewhat doom-like vibe then Mortal Fungus could be just the band for you.

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