MUMMIFIED - Protocol of Mummification
Released: 2004 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Mummified

01. Intro [Sigilum]
02. Obliteration through Annihilation
03. The Mummification has Begun [Preservation of the Body]
04. Betrothed Simplification
05. A Humble Tribute to Albers Fish
06. Porno Slut Gore

I recently received an advance copy of Protocol of Mummification from Costa Rican death metallers Mummified and being the all consuming death metal fan that I am I instantly put it in rotation. After the first few spins I didn't really know what to think but it was like it opened up the more spins I gave it and somehow it all seemed to fell into place. Mummified plays somewhat simple death metal of the slower kind and that gives it an obscure and sinister feel. In my opinion the vocals lay a little too high in the mix but seriously it a minor detail that is to bear over with.

Sure the music may very well not be original or for that matter really varied but still there's something fascinating and perhaps even a little mysterious about it. All the material seems very equal and that's only meant in a positive way 'cause often there's a song or two that really sticks out and then the rest is kinda left in the shadows but that's really not the case with Mummified. A clearer and somewhat thicker production would have suited the music better but then again it would probably deprive the music of some of its charm.

Off course Protocol of Mummification may not appeal to an broader audience but for those of us who like our death metal obscure and somewhat primitive then this album certainly has a lot of charm. It obvious the band has some great ideas and I can only encourage Mummified to continue down the barren and obscure path they've shown with Protocol of Mummification.

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