1. Violent Nature
  2. Infected Casualties
  3. Corpse Explosion
  4. Failed Humanity
  5. B.D.M.F.
  6. The Cleansing
  7. Icon of Butchery
  8. Never Look Back
MURDER INTENTIONS - A Prelude to Total Decay

GENRE: Brutal death metal
COUNTRY: Belgium
LABEL: SFC Records
YEAR: November 16th, 2009

RATING: 6/10

The Belgian five-piece Murder Intentions plays brutal Americanized death metal in the vein of Suffocation, Pyrexia and Internal Bleeding. The music is above all conventional and there isn't anything on the CD that you wouldn't already have come to expect from the genre.

The songs are mostly predictable, but the Belgians write music that is both diverse and catchy. Like many of the bands inspirations the five-piece change a lot between fast and slower groovy parts and it works like it should. To me the slower parts are also what make the music intelligible. It's much easier to tell the songs apart when the music isn't just fast or slow, but a mix of both. Murder Intentions do this efficiently.

Like the music the vocals are also varied. Bart and Thomas complement each other well and I like the mix of low end growls and a more harsh, but understandable type of vocal. The band uses some samples here and there. The samples feel like a part of music and not just like something plastered on top of the songs.

As I wrote earlier A Prelude to Total Decay isn't different from so much else in the genre. It's a good CD, but not much else. If you like your death metal to be in the vein of Internal Bleeding, Defeated Sanity or Guttural Secrete then A Prelude to Total Decay is worth giving a chance.

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