NAFRAT - Through Imminent Visions
Released: 2008 | Label: Vrykoblast | Rating: 4/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Vrykoblast

01. Through Imminent Visions
02. Heresy
03. Parasitic Existence
04. In Chaos We Reign
05. Saviour to the Aeons
06. Age of Indifferent Creations
07. Reborn For Vengeance
08. Conceptual Mortality

Death metal band Nafrat practices some generic music on their debut. I hear a few references to Cannibal Corpse now and then, but the Singaporeans clearly draw on inspiration from a variety of bands. The band is not very inventive in their song-writing and it shows. The music is anonymous and the riffs are unexciting. Music doesn't have to be original to be good, but it sure should contain elements to remember and in Narfat's case it don't.

The band plays the music tight and with control, but it doesn't make any greater difference. The riffs and songs in general are just too boring. There's no groove or catchy details to add diversity. The band does add a solo or two, but these are just as idealess and contribute with nothing. Another problem is that Nafrat often tends to repeat some of the riffs a little too much and that sure don't make things any better. No matter how I twist and turn it I really can't find anything exciting in the music whatsoever.

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