NAPALM DEATH - Leaders Not Followers: Part II
Released: August 23rd, 2004 | Label: Century Media | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Target

01. Lowlife [Cryptic Slaughter cover]
02. Face Down in the Dirt [Offenders cover]
03. Devastation [Devastation cover]
04. Messiah [Hellhammer cover]
05. Victims of a Bomb Raid [Anti Cimex cover]
06. Fright Night [Wehrmacht cover]
07. War's No Fairytale [Discharge cover]
08. Conform [Siege cover]
09. Master [Master cover]
10. Fire Death Fate [Insanity cover]
11. Riot of Violence [Kreator cover]
12. Game of the Arseholes [Anti Cimex cover]
13. Clangor of War [Massacre cover]
14. Dope Fiend [Attitude Adjustment cover]
15. I'm Tired [Die Kreuzen cover]
16. Troops of Doom [Sepultura cover]
17. Bedtime Story [Dayglo Abortions cover]
18. Blind Justice [Agnostic Front cover]
19. Hate, Fear and Power [Hirax cover]

Legendary death/grind institution Napalm Death has once again recorded a bunch of cover songs of their favourite artists. The question that logically could be asked is; 'Do we need yet another of these kinda tributes?' For my own part I would say yes if it's done like Napalm Death have done it 'cause it does in a way attract some attention towards some long forgotten and slightly obscure bands. Of course in a way this is perhaps a waste 'cause most of the records are probably long out of print and the demos are impossible to obtain so what does it then help besides earning Napalm Death a buck or two? Well, I guess it wouldn't be entirely fair to judge it this way.

Napalm Death have chosen a fairly broad variety of bands but of course they all lie in the extremer end of the scale but there are a pretty good balance between the lesser known bands over to some well known acts like for instance Kreator and Sepultura. Naturally the band play the covers so there's no doubt that it's Napalm Death playing but still they don't' alter the actual song so it's basically no problem recognizing who originally wrote the song. At first I didn't like Leaders Not Followers: Part II that much but it's a grower and I must confess that the album has a lot of charm unlike so many other tribute albums that has surfaced in the later years.

Leaders Not Followers: Part II may very well not offer anything besides a look into what music the lads in Napalm Death grew up with and were influenced by. But none the less it's still worth checking out if not for the insight into their upbringing then at least for the enthusiasm and dedication that the band obviously shows their music.

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