1. The Day After the End of Humanity
  2. Hidrofobia
  3. Predicadores De La Muerte
  4. Cremated Remains
  5. La Plaga
  6. Olor A Napalm
  7. Colonia De Leprosos
  8. Crematorio
  9. Mad Max II
  10. Snake Plissken
  11. El Dia De Los Muertos
  12. Terrorist Warhead
  13. Invierno Nuclear
  14. Street Trash
  15. Disintegration in a Flash of Light
  16. El Vengador Toxico
  17. Planet Cancer
  18. El Horror Oculto
  19. El Fin
NASHGUL - El Dia Despues Al Fin De La Humanidad

GENRE: Grindcore
LABEL: Power It Up Records
YEAR: September 17th, 2009

RATING: 6/10
PROVIDED BY: Power It Up Records

The Spanish grindcore band Nashgul has put out a demo, five split CD's and a compilation between 2004 and 2007. The band came together in 2003, but El Dia Despues Al Fin De La Humanidad is the debut full-length from the Spaniards.

On El Dia Despues Al Fin De La Humanidad the four-piece plays unsophisticated and clear-cut grindcore. The music is inspired by Repulsion and bands from that period. The songs are diverse, but also predictable. Nashgul don't try to do anything different, instead the four-piece mimic what Repulsion and the likes did. I don't see this as a bad thing and the four-piece is also very good at what they do.

The music now and then falls short in terms of being catchy. Some of the riffs are anonymous, but overall the band is able to get away with it thanks to diversity in the tempo. The vocals are the typical shouting grindcore style mixed with death metal type of vocals. I like that most of the songs are sung in Spanish, it adds to the feel of the songs. The bass always nearby in the music - I like this as it provides some contrast to the guitar.

When it comes to the production Nashgul also follow in the footsteps of Repulsion and the likes. The production is dirty, but also a bit dry. It fits the music very well and gives it a loose and somewhat laid back feel. If you have a thing for grindcore like Repulsion or Spanish bands like Machetazo or Looking For An Answer then El Dia Despues Al Fin De La Humanidad is difficult to avoid.

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