1. Cerebral Shock
  2. Neurological Deficit
  3. Nostromo
  4. Abort Your Mind
  5. H.o.p.s.
  6. Orphal Synthesis
  7. Swedish Tradition
  8. Vivisektion
  9. Assassin
NECROMORPH - Inputcollapse

GENRE: Death metal
COUNTRY: Germany
LABEL: Hellville
YEAR: 2004

RATING: 6/10
PROVIDED BY: Hellville

The German band Necromorph used to play black metal, but has changed style to death metal. Inputcollapse is not exactly a new effort as it was put out in 2004 and the songs recorded in 2002-2003. So it most likely don't say anything about where the band is today music-wise.

In spite of that the songs are mostly good. The music is fairly uncomplicated. There are bits and pieces of thrash metal and grindcore here and there. I like that as it adds to the diversity of the music.

The songs are short and in-your-face. That doesn't leave a whole of surprises, but it works alright. Most of the songs are good, but the fast songs "Cerebral Shock" and "H.o.p.s" as well as the slower "Vivisektion" stood out as the best. Overall Inputcollapse is an okay CD, but there's nothing here that set it apart from so much else.

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